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 9/30/2017 12:39:40 PM

" Excellence is not a product of wish thinking rather it is a mastery of personality, Passion and talent"

 Author: Majiuzu Daniel Moses

 9/24/2017 7:53:22 AM

A farmer that goes to the farm with a drinking gourd,looks more onto the palmtree rather than the weeds.

 Author: simire peter

 9/21/2017 6:49:03 PM

No one climbs the lather of success, with the two hands on the pocket.

 Author: Saint john jupither

 8/26/2017 8:39:35 AM

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

 Author: Raphael

 8/2/2017 9:22:49 AM

a word is a nuoff 4 the wise

 Author: chinedu

 7/24/2017 6:12:46 PM

d world is like a field, and we ar d players in the field,and GOD is our coach dat we show us d way 2 score goals dat

 Author: chibuikem chinedu

 7/20/2017 9:23:42 PM

" There are different things people admire ,but what you admire is best known to you ! " By Omage Moses Aigboje.

 Author: Omage Moses Aigboje

 7/19/2017 4:00:48 PM

Life will depends with your life partner.

 Author: Ram Raja Shrestha

 7/15/2017 3:13:18 PM

Birth is a hyperlink to death' if there is no birth there will be no death.

 Author: Nwammuo Chisimdiri

 7/15/2017 3:06:42 PM

Be ashamed of whosever that is ashamed of you.

 Author: Nwammuo Chisimdiri