Polls & Surveys

8-4-2020 COVID -19: Is Federal Government's Handling Of The Pandemic Very Effective?
8-4-2020 COVID -19: Is Federal Government's Handling Of The Very Effective?
8-4-2020 COVID -19: Is Federal Government's Very Effective?
9-3-2020 Was Former Emir Muhammadu Sanusi Lamido II Justly Dethroned?
16-1-2020 Àmòtékùn:Is Federal Government Justified In Declaring The Southwest Security Outfit Illegal?

9-9-2019 Is The Nation's State Of Security Acceptable To Nigerians?
17-5-2019 New Kano Emirates: Do You Think Gov. Ganduje Acted In Good Faith
19-3-2019 Was the 2019 General Election Free and Fair?
12-3-2019 Is Nigeria on the right path?

1-10-2018 Will Buhari win the 2019 election?
16-5-2018 War Against the War on Drugs: The Nigerian Perspective. Can we Win?

17-10-2016 Economic Recession: Do You Believe Buhari And The APC Team Can Still Fix Up Things??
4-5-2016 President Muhammadu Buhari's Anti-Corruption Approach Has Been So Far So Good???
8-2-2016 Do You Believe President Buhari Style Of Ruling Has Impressed Nigerians So Far??

1-4-2015 Is Gen. Muhammad Buhari A Better Choice For Nigeria?
27-1-2015 Your Presidential Choice For 2015 Elections

7-7-2014 Nigeria At Crossroads: Do You Believe The War On Terrorism Will End Anytime Soon??
12-6-2014 Do You Believe The Super Eagles Can Reach The Semi-Finals At World Cup Brazil 2014?
18-3-2014 Should Nigeria Seek NATO And Other Foreign Interventions To Raid Boko Haram?
17-1-2014 Anti-Gay Marital Law: Do You Think President Jonathan Has Trampled On Gay Rights??

24-5-2013 Should Amnesty be given to Boko Haram?

18-7-2012 Causes of Nigeria Current Menace
26-5-2012 Nigeria's most top priority
4-5-2012 Is President Jonathan handling the BOKO HARAM issue well?
31-1-2012 Can Nigeria survive as southerners flee Islamist attacks?
10-1-2012 Is Nigeria heading towards another civil war of the Boko Haram issue?

11-7-2011 Is Google+ a threat to Facebook?

6-5-2010 Is it possible for Nigeria to reform its police force?
21-4-2010 What is the most pressing need of Nigeria at the moment?
18-1-2010 Is Nigeria Truly a Security Risk State?