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As Ramaphosa Hails a ‘New Dawn,’ South Africans See More of the Same
17 Feb 2018 - Few in Soweto township expect change now that Cyril Ramaphosa is president. But none can imagine voting against the African National Congress.
Meet America’s Syrian Allies Who Helped Defeat ISIS
18 Feb 2018 - They are Arabs and Kurds, men and women, young and old. Meet some of the fighters who teamed up with the United States to drive the Islamic State out of northeastern Syria.
In Japan, a Liberal Maverick Is Seeking to Lead a Conservative Party
18 Feb 2018 - Taro Kono, a U.S.-educated political blue blood who has made a name as a liberal nonconformist, is positioning himself to one day replace Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Russian Trolls Were Sloppy, but Indictment Still ‘Points at the Kremlin’
18 Feb 2018 - When Russian trolling techniques were exported to the United States, it seems to have been done with a lack of discipline and secrecy. But that does not mean the operation lacked high-level support.
The Troll Farm: What We Know About 13 Russians Indicted by the U.S.
17 Feb 2018 - Employees and associates of the Internet Research Agency, a shadowy company based in St. Petersburg, are accused of trying to interfere in the 2016 election.
In Colombia Border Town, Desperate Venezuelans Sell Hair to Survive
18 Feb 2018 - Fleeing an economic crisis and rampant crime, more than half a million Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia, with many sleeping on the streets, begging for food and suffering abuse from the locals.
A Drifting UKIP Ousts Its Fourth Leader in 18 Months
17 Feb 2018 - Henry Bolton, a former army officer, was removed as the head of the party after his girlfriend’s racist text messages were published in a tabloid.
Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Bitter Election
18 Feb 2018 - Officials from the judiciary and law enforcement are teaming up to try to prevent voters from being misled, arguing that freedom of speech cannot come at the cost of a tainted election.
Fierce but Frail, Malaysia’s Mahathir, 92, Aims to Topple Protégé
17 Feb 2018 - A longtime leader, the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has allied with opposition figures he once repressed to try to get his old job back in a coming election.
Theresa May, in Munich, Calls for Swift Security Pact and Offers Concession
17 Feb 2018 - The British prime minister, who said the pact should be signed before a “Brexit” deal, announced that Britain would respect the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
Trump’s National Security Chief Calls Russian Interference ‘Incontrovertible’
18 Feb 2018 - Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster accused Moscow of engaging in “disinformation, subversion and espionage.” The comments highlighted a sharp division in the White House on how to talk about Russia’s actions.
Pope Revives Sexual Abuse Commission Amid Criticism of Vatican
17 Feb 2018 - An American cardinal will head the commission, the Vatican said, and it will include survivors of clergy abuse.
Pakistan Serial Killer Sentenced to Death for Murder and Rape of Girl, 7
18 Feb 2018 - The case caused nationwide outrage and put a spotlight on child sexual abuse in Pakistan. During the trial, the killer, Imran Ali, confessed to seven murders.
Fire Strikes Hallowed Site in Tibet, the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa
17 Feb 2018 - It was unclear how much damage the blaze did to the ancient Buddhist temple. But to many Tibetans, any harm to the site would be a harsh blow.
What a Soldier Killed in Niger Left Behind
18 Feb 2018 - Jenna was relieved when her boyfriend, a U.S. Special Forces soldier, told her he was deploying to Africa, rather than to a war zone like Iraq or Afghanistan. So when he was killed in an ambush in Niger by Islamic militants, she was devastated. The fragments that he left behind — voicemails, notes and a lost letter — are all that remain of their imagined future.
President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India
18 Feb 2018 - President Trump’s eldest son is headed to India on a sales trip for the family’s real estate business. Indians are star-struck by a family both rich and famous.
4 Israelis Hurt by Bomb Set in Flag at Gaza Fence, Igniting Night of Fighting
17 Feb 2018 - Israel responded with airstrikes on an attack tunnel and five other targets across Gaza. A rocket fired at Israel struck the roof of a home but did not explode.
On Olympics: Why the Pyeongchang Games Are Different From All the Others
18 Feb 2018 - South Korea has imprinted its iridescent style on the Olympics, making it a feast for the senses, with bold food, bright colors and brash graphics.
The Look: The Peculiar Position of India’s Third Gender
17 Feb 2018 - Hijras occupy a special place in Hinduism. But their relationship to modern Mumbai, where transgender people are legally recognized, remains fraught.
Three Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 20 in Nigeria
17 Feb 2018 - The attackers, all believed to be women, targeted a fish market in Maiduguri, the Nigerian city that gave rise to the Islamist militants of Boko Haram.
Earthquake Strikes in Oaxaca State, Mexico, Stirring Fear
18 Feb 2018 - No deaths were immediately reported from the 7.2-magnitude quake, but 13 people were killed when a helicopter bringing officials to a town near the epicenter crashed.
Florida, Russia, Turkey: Your Friday Evening Briefing
16 Feb 2018 - Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
Citing Hostility, Leader of Anti-Corruption Panel in Honduras Resigns
17 Feb 2018 - The head of the panel, appointed by the Organization of American States, said his group of prosecutors lacked support from the regional body and the Honduran government.
Yevgeny Prigozhin, Russian Oligarch Indicted by U.S., Is Known as ‘Putin’s Cook’
17 Feb 2018 - The secretive oligarch is one of 13 Russians the special counsel charged on Friday for allegedly meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.
Final Resting Place for Danish Prince Who Yearned to Be King: Not Beside the Queen
17 Feb 2018 - The wishes of Prince Henrik, husband of Queen Margrethe II, who considered his title a mark of gender inequality and died at 83, break royal tradition.
Brazil’s Military Is Put in Charge of Security in Rio de Janeiro
17 Feb 2018 - President Michel Temer’s security order for Rio is the first such military intervention in a Brazilian state since democracy returned in the 1980s.
Turkey and U.S. in Talks on Worsening Syria Crisis
17 Feb 2018 - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke for hours but agreed little on tough questions that divide the NATO allies.
For 8 Days, Syria Felt More Like World War III
16 Feb 2018 - Over the course of just eight days in February, the conflict in Syria intensified, with the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Israel and Iran all playing a part. Here’s how one of the most chaotic weeks in the seven-year war unfolded.
With Blackface and Monkey Suit, Chinese Gala on Africa Causes Uproar
17 Feb 2018 - A skit in the annual Lunar New Year gala, which is broadcast live to millions, aimed to accentuate African ties. But many found the portrayals offensive.
The Saturday Profile: Milorad Dodik Wants to Carve Up Bosnia. Peacefully, if Possible
16 Feb 2018 - As the president of the country’s Serbian enclave, Mr. Dodik argues that “Bosnia and Herzegovina is an arranged state, and we want out.”
Turkey’s Effort to Repair Relations Trips Over Its Crackdown
17 Feb 2018 - Sentences handed down to journalists signal an intensifying campaign against independent news in Turkey, even as one reporter was released after a year in custody.
Seeing Bounty Abroad, Will North Koreans Change Their Homeland?
17 Feb 2018 - At the Olympics, curious onlookers scrutinize visitors from the isolated North and wonder what a peek at a broader world could achieve.
Two Swiss Athletes Are First at Olympics Confirmed With Norovirus
16 Feb 2018 - The Swiss Olympic delegation, which did not identify the athletes or their sport, said they were sequestered and no longer had symptoms.
Kosovo Journal: Kosovo Finds Little to Celebrate After 10 Years of Independence
17 Feb 2018 - I first came to Kosovo nearly 20 years ago, when NATO intervened against Serbia in the war. A recent visit showed optimism yielding to fear and resignation.
South Africa Sees Fresh Start for Economy, With the Same Challenges
16 Feb 2018 - Jacob Zuma’s ouster as president is raising hopes of better fortunes for the nation’s moribund economy, but it will not happen easily.
Former ICE Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Stealing Immigrants’ Identities to Spend $190,000
15 Feb 2018 - The official, Raphael A. Sanchez, opened credit card and bank accounts in seven people’s names using personal information he got from ICE databases.
El Salvador Frees Woman Imprisoned for Decade Under Abortion Ban
16 Feb 2018 - The woman, Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, was convicted of aggravated homicide after she had a stillbirth. She had been sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Florida, White House, Immigration: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
15 Feb 2018 - Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
News Analysis: In Netanyahu’s Israel, the Divisiveness Is Now All About Him
15 Feb 2018 - Israeli politics has always been noisily contentious, but with the prime minister facing possible bribery charges, the toxicity threatens to reach new heights.
Diplomats in Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries. Experts Still Don’t Know Why.
15 Feb 2018 - After examining 21 American diplomats said to have been victims of a mysterious “attack” in Havana, medical experts found concussion-like damage but no obvious causes.
New South Africa Leader Faces Old Question: Is There Will to Fight Corruption?
16 Feb 2018 - As Cyril Ramaphosa is elected South Africa’s president, he pledges to address government corruption — an issue that party leaders have been avoiding.
Russia Blocks Aleksei Navalny’s Website, After His Inquiry Into an Oligarch
15 Feb 2018 - Ahead of an election that President Vladimir V. Putin wants to win by a lopsided vote, a Russian agency blocked his antagonist’s website.
Museum Employee’s Will Points to a Long-Lost Klimt Drawing
15 Feb 2018 - A former secretary for a museum in Linz, Austria, detailed the location of the work in her will. She died in December, and the drawing has been returned to the city.
Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation
16 Feb 2018 - A journal says it’s the first documented case of successful inducement of breast-milk production in a transgender woman.
Most North Koreans Can’t Actually Watch the Olympic Games
15 Feb 2018 - The government isn’t eager to remind them that South Korea is prosperous enough to be able to host the games.