NBA's best players gather for All-Star Game like no other
06 Mar 2021 -
The legendary sled dog race is going ahead amid the pandemic
06 Mar 2021 - The Iditarod, Alaska's legendary long-distance sled dog race, is set to begin Sunday despite the threat of coronavirus.
Aged 118, the world's oldest living person will carry the Olympic flame in Japan
05 Mar 2021 - At 118 years old, the world's oldest living person is preparing to carry the Olympic torch this May in Japan.
Tom Brady says he dodged wife's retirement request
05 Mar 2021 - Tom Brady was just beginning to celebrate the Buccaneers' Super Bowl victory on the field in Tampa last month when his wife Gisele embraced him and asked "What more do you have to prove?", the veteran quarterback recalled on Tuesday.
How wearable tech helped elite athletes through the pandemic
05 Mar 2021 - From the English Premier League to the NFL, sport is a multibillion-dollar industry, and top teams are increasingly turning to technology to give them the edge.
Ledecky wins by 21 seconds in her first race for a year
04 Mar 2021 - Five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky secured an emphatic victory in her first race since March 2020 on Wednesday, winning the 1500-meter freestyle by 21.37 seconds at the TYR Pro Swim Series in San Antonio, Texas.
As James Bond and Tom Brady welcome Aston Martin back to F1, Sebastian Vettel admits he almost walked away from the sport
04 Mar 2021 - Unsurprisingly, the return of the quintessentially British car brand Aston Martin to the Formula 1 grid this week came with some big names.
Barcelona given some respite from off-field issues with stunning comeback
04 Mar 2021 - Barcelona fans were given some respite from the club's off-the-field troubles as Lionel Messi and Co. mounted a stunning comeback to beat Sevilla and advance to the Copa del Rey final.
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The untold story of the Munich Olympics
How monster wave broke surfer's pelvis in half
05 Mar 2021 - It was a tiny error in judgement, but within seconds he realized that the consequences could be potentially life threatening.
Shiffrin doesn't want to have to choose between 'morality versus being able to do your job' at Olympics
03 Mar 2021 -
Record-breaking rower marvels at trip across Atlantic
01 Mar 2021 - When your phone goes off in the middle of the night, it isn't usually good news.
There's a dearth of Black players in the LPGA. This woman wants change
06 Mar 2021 -
How otters and beavers returned to one of the world's greatest golf courses
06 Mar 2021 - Ten years ago following Darren Clarke's win at a wild and wet 2011 Open tournament, one of the world's top golf courses embarked on a modernizing mission.
How a married couple navigated 'purgatory' of Olympic postponement
02 Mar 2021 -
Tiger Woods is 'recovering and in good spirits' after car accident
27 Feb 2021 -
Golfers wear red and black in honor of Tiger Woods
01 Mar 2021 -
Grief over her father's death helped drive golfer to major success
25 Feb 2021 -