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Wimbledon canceled amid coronavirus pandemic
01 Apr 2020 -
Cycling team wants Tour de France called off
01 Apr 2020 - With the list of sporting postponements growing ever longer, the fate of cycling's Tour de France would seem almost inevitable.
Gymnast Simone Biles calls Olympic postponement the 'right decision'
01 Apr 2020 - Superstar gymnast Simone Biles says she was in the gym training when she heard the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had been postponed because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.
Legendary football president dies after contracting coronavirus
01 Apr 2020 - Former Olympique de Marseille President Pape Diouf has died after contracting coronavirus, according to the French Ligue 1 club.
The NBA could lose billions this season. Who will eat that loss?
31 Mar 2020 - Just as the NBA was approaching the critical stage of an exhilarating season this month, it abruptly suspended play when Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for the coronavirus only minutes before a scheduled tipoff.
'Deeply embarrassed' Grealish apologizes for ignoring lockdown advice
31 Mar 2020 - A leading English Premier League footballer says he is "deeply embarrassed" as he apologized for breaching UK government coronavirus lockdown guidance after telling fans to "stay home."
Rugby player with spinal injury to leave hospital to make way for coronavirus patients
31 Mar 2020 - Rugby League player Mose Masoe has been told to leave hospital and continue his rehabilitation from a career-ending spinal injury at home, in order to make space for coronavirus patients.
Champion boxer Saunders suspended for domestic violence 'advice' video
31 Mar 2020 - British boxer Billy Joe Saunders has had his license suspended following a social media video in which he seemingly advocated domestic violence.
Hong Kong's night races gallop on... but without fans
31 Mar 2020 -
Fixing 2021 sporting calendar will be like a 'huge jigsaw puzzle'
31 Mar 2020 - "The Olympic Games is the most complicated sporting event in the world to organize," says Hayley Wickenheiser, a Canadian ice hockey great.
New dates for Olympic Games confirmed for 2021
30 Mar 2020 - The Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8 in 2021, according to Tokyo 2020 Organization Committee President Yoshiro Mori, who said he had reached agreement on the dates with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach following a Monday phone call.
'Better to die standing than to live on your knees,' says Belarus president at ice hockey match
30 Mar 2020 - While most countries around the world have taken extraordinary and unprecedented measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has been adopting a more relaxed response to the pandemic.
In a world gripped by fear, marble racing proves welcome distraction
23 Mar 2020 - Different colored marbles race down a path curved in a sandy beach, crashing into one another as they vie for position.
As well as breaking records 'Queen of Speed' stands up to bullies
20 Mar 2020 -
Some Premier League clubs living in 'moral vacuum' amid pandemic
01 Apr 2020 - With the English Premier League season on hiatus amid the coronavirus outbreak, some of its leading clubs are coming in for heavy criticism for using a UK government job program, with one British lawmaker accusing them of living in a "moral vacuum."
The gaming event that raised $2.7M for coronavirus aid
30 Mar 2020 - As people distance themselves from one another during the coronavirus pandemic, athletes, celebrities, streamers and musicians united online Saturday.
Football is shut down across Europe, but in Belarus it's business as usual
30 Mar 2020 -
The breast cancer survivor hoping to make her fifth Olympics in 2021
01 Apr 2020 - Chaunté Lowe is accustomed to having her world turned upside down.
Tokyo 1940: The Olympics that never was
26 Mar 2020 - It was meant to be the first Games to be held beyond Europe and North America, a spectacle to showcase to the world that Tokyo had overcome the earthquake that had devastated the city some years earlier. But the 1940 Olympics was the Games that never was.
The logistical nightmare of reorganizing the Olympics
28 Mar 2020 - With dust settling from the decision to postpone the Olympics until next year, organizers now face an unprecedented challenge.