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Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016
26 Feb 2017 - More than 3,500 attacks were carried out on migrants and asylum shelters in Germany last year.
Olathe shooting: Friend and widow on US shooting
26 Feb 2017 - The Indian survivor of a Kansas bar shooting speaks about his ordeal for the first time.
Bill Paxton, actor known for Aliens and Titanic, dies aged 61
26 Feb 2017 - Actor Bill Paxton, known for roles in Aliens and Titanic, has died aged 61, his family tell US media
Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017
26 Feb 2017 - An iconic Nokia phone is revamped with added battery life and new features alongside several Nokia-branded Android models.
Boris Nemtsov killing: Supporters march in Moscow
26 Feb 2017 - Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader, was shot dead near the Kremlin two years ago.
Kim Jong-nam: VX dose was 'high and lethal'
26 Feb 2017 - North Korean leader's half-brother died of multiple organ failure after a dose of VX nerve agent.
Taliban leader urges Afghans to plant more trees
26 Feb 2017 - Hibatullah Akhundzada says more trees are needed "for the beautification of Earth".
Ukraine conflict: US condemns threat to OSCE monitors
26 Feb 2017 - Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine seized a drone at gunpoint from OSCE monitors on Friday.
French historian Henry Rousso nearly deported from US
26 Feb 2017 - Visiting speaker Henry Rousso was stopped by border officials on his way to a university conference.
Mo Farah says he is 'a clean athlete' and 'frustrated' by leaked report on Salazar
26 Feb 2017 - Mo Farah says he is a "clean athlete" after a leaked report suggested his American coach may have broken anti-doping rules.
UK terrorism 'at peak since IRA plots'
26 Feb 2017 - A UK watchdog says so-called Islamic State plans "indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians".
President Trump to skip White House correspondents' dinner
26 Feb 2017 - The US president has traditionally attended and it will still go ahead in Mr Trump's absence.
Indian army cancels recruitment exams after 'leak'
26 Feb 2017 - Candidates are questioned and 18 people are arrested in west India over the release of exam papers.
Oscars: Moonlight warms up with Independent Spirit Awards win
26 Feb 2017 - Low-budget drama Moonlight warms up for Sunday's Oscars by winning six Independent Spirit Awards.
Lily Allen was attacked online after revealing she suffered from PTSD after stillbirth
26 Feb 2017 - Lily Allen has been targeted by online trolls after revealing she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the stillbirth of her son.
Clingy panda video racks up 163m hits online
26 Feb 2017 - Footage of a panda repeatedly grabbing a keeper's leg in China has been viewed 163m times on Facebook in just 4 days.
Becoming Julius: Growing up intersex in Uganda
26 Feb 2017 - Julius Kaggwa was born intersex, which made for a confusing, isolating and sometimes dangerous childhood growing up in Uganda.
Greeks bridle against 'never-ending' austerity
26 Feb 2017 - With no end in sight to its debt crisis, poverty-weary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands.
Could ballet give rugby players a competitive edge?
26 Feb 2017 - Rugby league team Wigan Warriors' under-19 players have started taking weekly ballet classes to help strength and posture.
Your pictures: Splash
23 Feb 2017 - Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is 'Splash'.
Weekend Edition: The week's best reads
26 Feb 2017 - The KGB spy who lived the American dream and other stories you may have missed in the past seven days.
Give excess Army rations to homeless, says Frank Field MP
26 Feb 2017 - Thousands of ration packs are thrown away every year, and the numbers are increasing.
South Sudan conflict: The hungry emerge from swampland for aid
26 Feb 2017 - Thousands are to receive aid in Unity State but many more remain cut off, writes Alastair Leithead.
Semyon Gluzman: Meeting a Soviet-era dissident again after 35 years
26 Feb 2017 - In the Soviet Union rare individuals campaigned for human rights at great personal expense. One was psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman, who now sees a bright future for his new country, Ukraine.
'Robbed of sight, I have a vision to help the blind see'
26 Feb 2017 - A blind man who narrowly escaped death has developed software he hopes will give blind people independence.
The child abuse scandal of the British children sent abroad
26 Feb 2017 - For several decades, the UK sent children across the world to new lives where many were abused.
Kim Jong-nam death: Unravelling the mystery
25 Feb 2017 - All the markings of a John Le Carre novel: a world leader's brother, an international airport and a deadly nerve agent.
Art and disability: The performers demanding to be judged on merit
26 Feb 2017 - People with disabilities are becoming more visible in professional arts companies in Australia.
Who were the victims of the Kansas shooting?
25 Feb 2017 - The BBC takes a closer look at the three men, two of them Indian nationals, shot in a bar in Kansas.
Rural unease ahead of French presidential vote
25 Feb 2017 - How is the country's rural population viewing the presidential contest?
Manchester United 3-2 Southampton
26 Feb 2017 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a dramatic 87th-minute winner as Manchester United edge Southampton to win the EFL Cup.
Six Nations 2017: England 36-15 Italy
26 Feb 2017 - England overcome a stern challenge from Italy to remain unbeaten in this year's Six Nations and stretch their winning run to 17 matches.
Six Nations 2017: Italy tactic wasn't rugby, says England coach Eddie Jones
26 Feb 2017 - England coach Eddie Jones says an unexpected Italy tactic "wasn't rugby" as the Six Nations champions struggle to victory.
Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Stoke City
26 Feb 2017 - Harry Kane scores his third hat-trick in nine games as Tottenham react to their European exit by hammering Stoke to go second in the league.
Oscars 2017: Who's predicted to win, and other things to look out for
26 Feb 2017 - It's Hollywood's big night - here's what to look out for in the main battles at the Oscars.
How to achieve the 'Oscars look'
26 Feb 2017 - Celebrity make-up artist, Amy Hollier, shares her tips on how to achieve the perfect look for the red carpet.
The frock stars who rocked - and shocked - at the Oscars
26 Feb 2017 - Will any of this year's Oscar attendees try to top the classic outfits of the past?
In pictures: Readying the red carpet
25 Feb 2017 - The final preparations are being made on the red carpet ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday.
Oscars 2017: Do the best films and performances win?
25 Feb 2017 - Lots of factors influence who gets an Oscar - not just the quality of the film or performance.
Oscars: Has anything really changed since #OscarsSoWhite?
25 Feb 2017 - Things have moved on from the #OscarsSoWhite controversy - on the surface at least.
The Academy Awards: Best picture nominees in 30 seconds
25 Feb 2017 - A lightning look at the films up for an Oscar in the best picture category
Parties and protests as Oscars approach
24 Feb 2017 - Hollywood's celebrities are in a final whirl of pre-Oscars parties, awards, dinners - and protests.
The firm with 8.5 miles of movie costumes
24 Feb 2017 - Angels Costumes has helped win 36 Oscars over the years. The Victoria Derbyshire programme has been to visit its vast archive of clothes.
The woman who knows who's won the Oscars... but won't tell
24 Feb 2017 - Martha Ruiz counts the Oscars votes and talks about the measures she takes to keep the results safe.
Oscars 2017: Which celebrities will get political?
24 Feb 2017 - Will this year's Oscars need to create an extra award - for best anti-Donald Trump speech?
How visual effects helped create Dr Strange's Oscar-nominated worlds
24 Feb 2017 - How to create visual effects worthy of an Oscar nomination, by one of the creators of Dr Strange's worlds
Oscars 2017: Bluff your way through this year's best picture nominees
24 Feb 2017 - Not seen the films up for the best picture Oscar? Let this guide bring you up to speed.
Naomie Harris: 'Daniel Craig could be back as Bond'
23 Feb 2017 - The Oscar-nominated actress was speaking after she was awarded her OBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.