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China launches aircraft carrier, boosting military presence
26 Apr 2017 - The launch of China's second aircraft carrier comes as tensions rise on the Korean peninsula.
Turkey arrests 1,000 in raids targeting Gulen suspects
26 Apr 2017 - Police try to arrest 3,000 people suspected of links to a movement blamed for the failed 2016 coup.
Syrian government made Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun, France says
26 Apr 2017 - Samples bear the "signature" of Sarin made by Syria's government, French intelligence says.
Fitbit contradicts husband's story of wife's murder - police
25 Apr 2017 - The Connecticut man said his wife was killed by an intruder with a voice like actor Vin Diesel's.
Nazi leader's son: 'Don't trust us' Germans
26 Apr 2017 - Niklas Frank, the son of a Nazi leader warns Germany could return to authoritarianism under certain economic conditions.
North Korea tensions: US installs missile defence system in S Korea
26 Apr 2017 - The move sparks protests and is opposed by China which says it could upset regional security.
United Airlines investigates giant bunny death
26 Apr 2017 - Simon the 90cm-long rabbit was being flown in the cargo hold from London to Chicago's O'Hare International.
Clothing firm Nordstrom castigated for $425 mud-coated jeans
26 Apr 2017 - Critics say the garments are worn by "rich liberals pretending to know what hard work feels like".
Arrests as Newcastle and West Ham raided in £5m tax probe
26 Apr 2017 - Newcastle United and West Ham's grounds are being searched by revenue and customs officials.
Nasa waits on Cassini radio contact from Saturn
26 Apr 2017 - The probe should have completed its first plunge in between the planet's rings and cloudtops.
France arrests over Charlie Hebdo and kosher shop attacks
26 Apr 2017 - Ten people held are suspected of helping supply arms to kosher supermarket attacker Amedy Coulibaly.
Indian censors allow 'lady-oriented' film
26 Apr 2017 - The appeals board gives the film an adult certification after seeking some cuts.
Anzac Day wet T-shirt contest cancelled by Australian bar
26 Apr 2017 - A bar faced backlash after planning the event on one of Australia's most sombre national occasions.
Slings and arrows at Brazil indigenous protests
26 Apr 2017 - They were protesting against the encroachment of their ancestral lands by farmers and loggers.
Mouth-watering photos from foodie heaven
25 Apr 2017 - Winning images from the 2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year
Jet set pets: The animals that fly (on planes)
26 Apr 2017 - From turkeys to pandas ... when animals need transporting they catch a flight just like us.
How Chinese farmers made the find of the 20th Century
25 Apr 2017 - In March 1974, Chinese farmers unearthed the greatest archaeological find of the century, the Terracotta Army. Archaeologist Li Xiuzhen has worked on the site since the 1980s.
Last male northern white rhino joins Tinder to raise money
25 Apr 2017 - This is part of fundraising efforts by conservationists to save the near extinct species.
Kim Jong-un's ski resort
25 Apr 2017 - They're optimistic of success ahead of next year's Winter Olympics.
Wildflower 'super bloom' visible from space
25 Apr 2017 - Following years of drought, California's deserts have erupted with a "super bloom" of wildflowers visible even from space.
La La Land Day is declared in Los Angeles
26 Apr 2017 - The Mayor of Los Angeles has declared a special day to celebrate the Oscar-winning film.
'Mr Gorilla' still doing London Marathon after three days
25 Apr 2017 - Three days after the race began, one man who is crawling the route is not yet half way through.
Great white shark feasts on dead humpback whale
25 Apr 2017 - The circle of life comes around for much-loved humpback 'Scarlet' on the California coast.
Have you got the bottle for 'beer yoga'?
25 Apr 2017 - A fitness craze from Germany combining yoga poses while drinking beer is gaining popularity in Asia.
Facebook baby killing: Grief and questions after shocking murder
26 Apr 2017 - It comes after a Thai man broadcast the murder of his 11-month daughter on Facebook Live.
Meeting an organ trafficker who preys on Syrian refugees
25 Apr 2017 - Abu Jaafar's job is to find people desperate enough to give up parts of their body for money.
Macron v Le Pen: What are their visions for France?
25 Apr 2017 - The BBC's Laurence Peter examines what really divides election rivals Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.
President Trump: Seven ways the world has changed
25 Apr 2017 - Seven ways Donald Trump's presidency has changed the US and its relationship with the world.
How to make everyone hate you on email
25 Apr 2017 - When email goes wrong... how it can irritate and annoy everyone in the office.
South Africa's Jacob Zuma down but not quite out
26 Apr 2017 - South Africa is in for a rough ride as the ruling ANC prepares to choose President Jacob Zuma's successor.
Are America’s whites really dying faster?
25 Apr 2017 - A recent study found that white middle-aged Americans are dying faster than blacks and Hispanics. But the reality is not quite what it seems.
'Stealthing' - what you need to know
25 Apr 2017 - It's a term that describes when a man removes a condom during sex despite agreeing to wear one.
Has the US started a lumber trade war with Canada?
26 Apr 2017 - Canada is calling new tariffs on softwood lumber imports to the US "unfair and punitive".
Zafar Ansari: Surrey and England all-rounder retires aged 25
26 Apr 2017 - Surrey and England all-rounder Zafar Ansari retires from cricket at the age of 25, saying he has "other ambitions to fulfil".
Neil Taylor: Two-game ban for Wales defender's Seamus Coleman tackle
26 Apr 2017 - Wales defender Neil Taylor has been suspended for two matches for his leg-breaking tackle on Ireland's Seamus Coleman.
David Moyes: Sunderland manager charged over 'slap' comment
26 Apr 2017 - Sunderland manager David Moyes is charged by the Football Association after telling BBC reporter Vicki Sparks she might "get a slap".
Maria Sharapova: Russian to learn French Open fate on 16 May
26 Apr 2017 - Former world number one Maria Sharapova will find out on 16 May if she has been given a wildcard for the French Open.
World Championship 2017: John Higgins beats Kyren Wilson
26 Apr 2017 - Four-time champion John Higgins wraps up a 13-6 win over world number 14 Kyren Wilson to reach the World Championship semi-finals.
Bolivar goalkeeper scores spectacular goal from own area
26 Apr 2017 - Bolivar goalkeeper Matias Dituro scores a spectacular goal from inside his own area against San Jose de Oruro in the Bolivian top flight.