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Battle for Mosul: High tensions as fighting continues
24 Mar 2017 - Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen reports on the split city of Mosul, Iraq.
Germanwings crash families angered by pilot's father
24 Mar 2017 - Germanwings crash victims' families criticise the pilot's father for seeking to exonerate his son.
France's Marine Le Pen urges end to Russia sanctions
24 Mar 2017 - The far-right presidential candidate meets Russian MPs just weeks before France's elections.
Prince George to attend Thomas's School in Battersea
24 Mar 2017 - The prince, who is four in July, will attend a preparatory school in south London from September.
Brexit 'clears way' for German domination claims Heseltine
24 Mar 2017 - Germany "lost" World War Two but is now being helped to "win the peace", veteran Tory politician says.
ICC orders Congo warlord Germain Katanga to pay victims
24 Mar 2017 - Ex-Congolese militia leader ordered to pay $1m (£800,000), but he is broke.
Robotic barman pours a pint - eventually
24 Mar 2017 - The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones gets a beer poured for him by a robotic barman - but how long does it take?
Belgium driver on terrorism charge over Antwerp 'attack'
24 Mar 2017 - Belgian prosecutors bring an attempted terrorism charge against man who drove at a crowd in Antwerp.
Naked demonstrators kill sheep under Auschwitz gates
24 Mar 2017 - At least 11 people killed a sheep, undressed, and chained themselves up at the former Nazi camp.
Exmoor gardens raided by 'wily old stag'
24 Mar 2017 - A mature stag has learnt how to use its antlers to lift bird feeders off garden trees.
Downton star reveals eating disorder
24 Mar 2017 - Actress "felt alone" but decided to talk about her struggles with body image in public.
Major Indian airlines ban MP who beat official
24 Mar 2017 - Ravindra Gaikwad will not be able to fly on five major Indian airlines with immediate effect.
All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger
24 Mar 2017 - The picture puts a spotlight on benefits being stripped out of latest healthcare bill revisions.
London victim 'was to get wedding proposal'
24 Mar 2017 - The boyfriend of Romanian Andreea Cristea, who fell into the Thames in a terror attack, was going to propose.
Aurora Australis: Spectacular displays for first Southern Lights charter flight
24 Mar 2017 - Aurora-hunters came from around the world and were left awestruck by the display.
Weekly quiz: What's special about Sesame St's new muppet?
24 Mar 2017 - A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.
Sheeran: Liberia trip 'hit me hard'
24 Mar 2017 - The singer writes about his Comic Relief visit and why he'll never forget the children he met.
Ice hockey pros left 'broken' by big hits
23 Mar 2017 - Former NHL player Dale Purinton says ice hockey needs to change, so players are not left "physically and mentally" broken.
US firefighter saves lifeless dog with mouth-to-mouth
24 Mar 2017 - The animal was was lifeless after being caught in a house fire but was revived after 20 minutes.
The writing on the wall
24 Mar 2017 - Graffiti growth - from simple tags in the US 50 years ago - to vast colourful creations.
Nine Lives: Indian women with tuberculosis speak out
24 Mar 2017 - A new book documents nine women survivors of tuberculosis, India's most severe health crisis.
Hong Kong election: The nanny, Mr Pringles or the judge?
24 Mar 2017 - A quick guide to the candidates competing to become Hong Kong's chief executive.
Can a mountain wind really make you ill?
24 Mar 2017 - For centuries, people in the Alps have attributed health issues, headaches in particular, to the mountain wind known as the Foehn.
Why Apple's red iPhones are not 'Red' in China
24 Mar 2017 - Apple's Red iPhone is going on sale, but in China it is doing things a bit differently. Why?
Who dares piggyback on a dictator?
24 Mar 2017 - The BBC examines the unusual photo of Kim Jong-un giving a piggyback to a military officer.
Jenna Cook: The adopted girl claimed by 50 birth families
24 Mar 2017 - When Jenna Cook returned from the US to China to search for her birth family, more than 50 candidates came forward - but were any of them a match?
Claressa Shields: From poverty & abuse to boxing greatness
24 Mar 2017 - From a childhood of hunger and abuse to double Olympic champion, Claressa Shields has been fighting all her life.
Tales of deportation in Trump's America: Week Two
23 Mar 2017 - A look at the men and women affected by President Trump's deportation strategy.
Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?
24 Mar 2017 - After years of planning, scientists are set now to send missions to explore the ocean world of Europa.
Lewis Hamilton surprised by Mercedes speed in Melbourne
24 Mar 2017 - Lewis Hamilton says he is surprised how good his Mercedes felt during Friday practice at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.
Ben Gibson: Middlesbrough defender gets England call-up
24 Mar 2017 - Middlesbrough defender Ben Gibson is called up to the England squad for the first time after an injury to Manchester United's Chris Smalling.