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Tempest Of The Battlefield : The War On Terror,  A

South East, Police and Cost of Living

Emmanuel Onwubiko

[QUOTE] For a week, yours faithfully traversed the entire South Eastern states of Nigeria during a private visit to my Countryside. South East of Nigeria is home to Igbo Nigeria’s strategic member of the national tripod just as others are Yoruba and Hausa. During my visit to my home, yours faithfully came face to face with systematic n ... Read more

Imo: The Emperor Loses His Empire. 

One of the most celebrated Emperors in Nigeria is fast losing his empire. He is working very hard to cling to it. But the empire is slipping. The once beloved Emperor is on a long lonely road. For him, sunset beckons. And dreams seem to be dying fast. And hard. The Emperor’s admirers are bewildered. They want to be woken up from what they thi ... Read more

How to Deal with the Elites Tying The Vice President's Hands

Ngaire Woods, the founding dean of Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University, who moderated the plenary session of the 24[SUP]th[/SUP] Nigerian economic summit asked Vice President Osinbajo to tell the summit who called him when he wanted to sack someone corrupt. The Vice President responded by saying that he gets several calls from the N ... Read more

We Are All Potential Migrants

The world is witnessing an unprecedented migration crisis, like never before. The United States of America, Canada, several European, Asian and African countries are facing high human in and out flows via legal and illegal routes. It seems everyone is moving or planning to move. Daily, embassies and borders are receiving thousands of migration hope ... Read more

The English Language is a Social Barrier to Social Progress in Nigeria

Adebayo Raphael

I have observed that the English Language is actually a huge social barrier in Nigeria. It is a major impediment to social progress which continues to inhibit the desired impact of communication between the English-speaking Nigerians and the speakers of our indigenous languages. I have also observed that most Nigerians (excluding the Eurocentric ... Read more

When will the NASS ask Buhari to sack his wife? 

The National Assembly – Senate and House of Representatives – are persisting in their season of delusion. They continue to have an over bloated sense of the powers the Constitution confers on the legislature. Much as it is the arm of government with the most power, being direct representatives of the people just like the President who w ... Read more

Gov. Rochas And Desecration Of Igbo Dignity

This article was written and published in 2011, but I have decided to republish it to prove to the world that the chameleon cannot change its colour. Gov. Rochas cannot change; I wish to refresh your memory once more with this as I enjoin you to enjoy yourself as you read on. To the Igbo man, it is very clear that the Supreme Being call Chineke, ... Read more

Imo: The Emperor Loses His Empire. 

One of the most celebrated Emperors in Nigeria is fast losing his empire. He is ...
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SSCE Certificate: Why the law Would

Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

There is this latest of ‘cries’ in town; that President Buhari be ma ...
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Don’t Forget Leah Sharibu!

On the 19th of February this year more than a hundred girls were kidn ...
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Nigerian Military Promotes Trump Th

In what may yet be the most ridiculous and shameless attempt at defense of barba ...
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Oshiomhole Crisis: Why Tinubu Is Fa

Dr SKC Ogbonnia

The crisis rocking the All Progressive Congress (APC) has become worse since Com ...
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