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One Million Ways To Die Quickly In Nigeria

Finally! Wole Soyinka’s Book "Ake" made Into Film Released On Amazon

The film adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s classic childhood memoir, [I]Ake[/I]: [I]The Years of Childhood[/I] is now available on Amazon and other online platforms. The director of the movie, Dapo Adeniyi, made this known to our correspondent on Thursday. Set during World War II years, the story combines a beautiful child-view narrative with r ... Read more

Segun Oni: The Nostalgia Of A People.

Remi Oyeyemi

It is an unending nostalgia. An enduring one. A nostalgia that is an admixture of a distressed hope and recalcitrant aspiration. A nostalgia that is draped in the tapestry of an undying desire for a replication. It permeates the air across Ekiti land. This river of nostalgia snakes through the rocky mountains and the deep valleys of the Ekiti topog ... Read more

Allegory of a Waterlogged Country

Emmanuel Onwubiko

Today’s (Friday September 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2018) mainstream newspapers competed amongst themselves on which should decorate their front pages with photograph of the vice president Professor Yemi Osinbanjo and the governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano paddling a canoe to inspect some communities in Anambra state in South East Nigeria su ... Read more

I’m Embarrassed For The Ojukwus

Any true Igbo son who held, and still hold [I]Ikemba Nnewi[/I], Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, of the blessed memory, in reverence, should be embarrassed by the turn of events in his nuclear family. They must be embarrassed by the gutter behaviour of a couple of the children he sired! And for women, especially Igbo women, they should rise in anger against ... Read more

An Open Letter to my Fellow Yoruba on sound /h/

Letter[B] h[/B] equates a sound in English and it is called glottal fricative. This sound is a problematic one for many people who speak the English Language as a second language. The /h/ sound is present in some words, optional in some words and silent in some other words. It has however been observed that among Yoruba speakers on English, there a ... Read more

Tinubu As Godfather Atiku Or Saraki As President Is Chin-Bian

Those of us pointing to China and Zambia (Chin-Bian) parasitic or commensalism relationship must watch where the rest of the four fingers are pointing to. The same way Lagosians lost their State to Yekini Amuda Ogunlere (alias Tinubu), we would lose Nigeria. Actually, we may have lost it already, what we need now is a rescue mission. As Lagos goes, ... Read more

If Only Reuters Can Get It Right

Nigeria is certainly not Myanmar, which this month jailed Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, two Reuters journalists for crimes that the country’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi said had nothing to do with freedom of expression as the news agency would have the world believe. It is instructive that Aung San Suu Kyi was a poster child for western interests an ... Read more

Why Akume & Ortom Should Shut-Up

Former Governor of Benue state and now, the Senator representing Benue North-Wes ...
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I’m Embarrassed For The Ojukwus

Any true Igbo son who held, and still hold Ikemba Nnewi, Emeka Odumegwu O ...
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Tinubu As Godfather Atiku Or Saraki

Those of us pointing to China and Zambia (Chin-Bian) parasitic or commensalism r ...
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Restructuring: It is High Time Advo

There is need for advocates of restructuring to put forward, without semantics a ...
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Has Boko Haram Become A Money Spinn

Last week, while the rest of Nigeria was busy with the politics of 2019 and Abba ...
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