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Waste Removal Devices That Have Changed the Face of Waste Collection and Dumping

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Date Listed: Tuesday, December 5, 2017
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Description: Hod Chutes is involved in the provision of high quality waste removal sleeves in wide range for wastes emanating from processes such as construction projects, house renovations and demolitions. After thorough field research, the company developed the chutes system of dirt and debris management, a system that is rapidly gaining popularity in Israel and all over the world.

The company undertakes to supply the waste removal sleeves in Israel from reputable waste removal chutes manufacturer, where the waste is collected and later moved for disposal to designated areas. With this system, the company has helped many organizations and individuals in waste management that would have been problematic to handle.

The company has also invested in provision of other supporting products such as manual or electric lifting devices, window/balcony anchors, metallic chains, chain holders and other waste removal devices.
The company has a vision to become the leader in floor waste removal and management products through continued provision of innovative debris and other waste handling techniques that will prevent environmental degradation and enhance sustainability of all economic activities. The company has been in operation for more than a decade and has taken major growth strides through continued improvement in service delivery, earning itself a very satisfied customer base, which grows by the day.
Some innovative products and services include;

Metallic chain

Metallic chain from Hod Chutes is a critical component of waste removal equipments. The metallic chain enables attachment of the HDPE chutes together so that several of them can be used at different points. Chain holders are used for interconnection, which help in making the connections strong and firm creating a very safe working environment. Get more information about Metalic chain Visit at -

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