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Order Custom Fidget Spinner from PapaChina

Classified Information
Date Listed: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Price : ₦516.00
Description: Fidget Spinners are compact in size but are very useful. It helps individuals to reduce nervous energy, anxiety, or mental stress. Custom fidget spinners at wholesale prices are promoted to help people who have difficulty in concentrating. These devices easily fit in between your fingers to allow easy rotation. They are made out of various materials such as brass, steel, titanium, copper, and aluminum. A lot of kids, young people, and old people have started to use them at colleges, schools, and physiotherapy centres to calm their minds.

Location : Lagos
Region : Lagos Island
Country : Nigeria

Contact Information
Contact Name : Lucy Carter
Contact Phone : 8028668603
Contact Email : lucycarter4488 @ gmail . com
Posted From : India