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Order Wholesale Personalized Ice Buckets from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Thu, 09 May 2019 - Household Goods

Ice is an essential factor for keeping drinks cold. People use specific utensils to store bottles with ice. An ice bucket is the best way to keep drinks cold by putting it inside a bucket packed with ice. Beverages which have to be served chilled are kept in ice buckets. PapaChina offers ice buckets at wholesale prices in attractive designs. LED illuminated ice bucket is the popular variety. Personalized ice buckets are the current branding strategy to grow a closer relationship with customers. It is the best idea to highlight the brand and help the company stand out in the competition.


Order Custom Keytag Keychain from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Tue, 07 May 2019 - Appliances

Custom leather keytag keychains are made of real leather. They are small in size but very durable. The leather tags are used by advertisers to print their promotional name and message. These best quality promotional leather key tag key chains are offered at wholesale prices from PapaChina. These leather key tag key chains produce a confident impact about the brand and increase its sales.


Get Customized Flash Drive from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy Carter on Mon, 29 Apr 2019 - Appliances

Promotional USB flash drives have been one of the great choices among most of the marketers to enhance their brand name by handing out their brand name imprinted USB flash drives to their target audience and drag them towards their organization. The recipients of this product will be overwhelmed to get this useful product because it can be used to copy and transfer files from one system to another easily without carrying the heavy laptop or desktop along with them. The USB flash drive is a small but powerful device which can make a successful advertising campaign. Hence, popularize your brand name by grabbing the bet quality custom USB flash drives and make your customers remember your brand name for years.


Order Custom Food Container from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Thu, 25 Apr 2019 - Household Goods

Personalized food containers are designed to store foods and keep them safe and fresh for longer. These are distributed by most of the business organizations to their potential clients and employees to keep their food tasty, fresh and nutritious for longer. These are air-tight and durable containers which can be easily portable from one place to another. These containers do not leach any toxic items in the food and are easy to clean for the next use. There are different varieties of custom lunch boxes at wholesale price at PapaChina, so choose the optimum quality of the lunch box and hand out to your customers.


Order Custom Highlighters from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Mon, 22 Apr 2019 - Appliances

Promotional highlighters are distributed to the potential customers of various organizations to highlight their brand name as well as to mark their important works. These highlighter pens are used at the office, college, or any other places to highlight the significant point with different ink colors. These are used by the students for easy learning with the vivid and translucent color of the highlighter pen. There are different varieties of highlighters that is some are available with single ink and others have more than two ink colors and this colorful thing surely attracts the customers. Hence, make your brand name spread everywhere by purchasing custom highlighters at wholesale price from PapaChina and appease your customers.


Order Promotional Hand Sanitizers from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Thu, 11 Apr 2019 - Appliances

The promotional hand sanitizers are distributed by various business organizations to their customers as a sense of care and generosity and also to enhance their brand visibility. The hand sanitizers help to kill the bacteria and other viruses when it is poured in the palm. The user just needs to rub the few drops of sanitizer before consuming some food and where there is no water available. The hand sanitizers contain ingredients that help to prevent skin dryness and irritation. Personalized Sanitizers are most effective than diligent and usual hand washing and it will also reinforce the brand name every time the user uses it.


Plastic Reprocess Machine Manufacturer - Finetech Engineers

Posted by Manan Shah on Thu, 06 Dec 2018 - Building Materials

Finetech Engineers is the manufacturer and exporter of different types of plastic extrusion machinery. We provide with the high-quality plastic extrusion machinery that include raffia tape line, reprocess machine and blown film plant. Along with this, we also export auxiliary equipment of orientation line, control panels, melt pump etc. Our auxiliary equipment of orientation line consists of godet, tap suction blower, hot air oven, and hot air dryer. Auxiliary Equipment of pipeline is tube traction unit, pipe cutter, thick thin device. Various control panels are PPC control panel (Power Control Panel), LT Panel and APFCR Panel.

Nowadays, plastic extrusion machineries are widely been used in plastic industries. The process of plastic extrusion machinery involves the process of melting the plastic material converting it into a die, shape it and cutting it with the proper length. It is a good solution for a product with constant cross section. One of the advantages of plastic extrusion is the low cost and high production rate for manufacturing products like piping, plastic sheeting, wire insulation, weather stripping, and adhesive tape.

Reprocess Machine –

Reprocess machine is also known as recycle machine plays an important role in recycling and designing of packaging bags. This machine is widely been used in the packaging industry. The process of the reprocess machine form reprocess granules that are been used in the manufacturing of garbage bags, trays, LDPE film, carry bags etc. Also, it gives a clean plastic packaging material as the recycled plastic is been washed during the process of extrusion. For more information visit us at - or contact us on below address

Finetech Engineers 
2, ABM Society, Nr. Santosh Starch,
Stovec Industries road, N.I.D.C Lambha Village,
Narol, Ahmedabad- 382405,
Gujarat, India.
Phone - +91-9099022040, +91-9825911468
Telefax: - +91 79 25736690 / 25731635
Email - [email protected]