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Wholesaler of Custom Stainless Steel Straws

Posted by linneasandel on Mon, 20 May 2019 - [Household Goods ]

Use eco-friendly custom stainless steel straw for shipping your favorite drinks because they consist of the safe materials which will never leave a toxic chemical in the user’s body. The stainless steel straws are the most alternative items than the plastic straws because the plastic straws always cause harm to the environment as well as human’s body. So if you want to purchase out budget-friendly promotional stainless steel straws at wholesale price then contact with PapaChina.

Order Wholesale Personalized Ice Buckets from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Thu, 09 May 2019 - [Household Goods ]

Ice is an essential factor for keeping drinks cold. People use specific utensils to store bottles with ice. An ice bucket is the best way to keep drinks cold by putting it inside a bucket packed with ice. Beverages which have to be served chilled are kept in ice buckets. PapaChina offers ice buckets at wholesale prices in attractive designs. LED illuminated ice bucket is the popular variety. Personalized ice buckets are the current branding strategy to grow a closer relationship with customers. It is the best idea to highlight the brand and help the company stand out in the competition.


Order Custom Food Container from PapaChina

Posted by Lucy on Thu, 25 Apr 2019 - [Household Goods ]

Personalized food containers are designed to store foods and keep them safe and fresh for longer. These are distributed by most of the business organizations to their potential clients and employees to keep their food tasty, fresh and nutritious for longer. These are air-tight and durable containers which can be easily portable from one place to another. These containers do not leach any toxic items in the food and are easy to clean for the next use. There are different varieties of custom lunch boxes at wholesale price at PapaChina, so choose the optimum quality of the lunch box and hand out to your customers.