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How The Civil War Aided Nnewi’s Industrial Transfo

Shehu Sani’s Cracked Mirror 

One of the greatest and terrible fallouts from the rise of Trumpism is the penchant for the cloning and replication of copycats across the globe, individuals that are deluded enough to believe they can replicate the wonder of rising from relative obscurity to winning elections. The tragedy is that some of them are succeeding. Trumpism, at the level ... Read more

Job Racketing And State's Quotas In Nigeria's Federal Jobs: The Case Of Bayelsa

[B]THE PATHETIC PLIGHT OF BAYELSA JOB SEEKERS[/B] More and more graduates of Bayelsa origin are turned out annually by academic institutions within and outside the state, to grope for employment in the competitive labour market. The staggering number of 12,335 graduates that applied for 1,000 job openings in the state civil service, this year, cap ... Read more

Atiku: Why Igbo Leaders' Endorsement was Right

Igbo leaders from all walks of life gathered at the region's ancient city of Enugu on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, "to consider Ndigbo's place in the polity especially in the light of the forthcoming 2019 elections". Since that endorsement by prominent Igbo leaders whose capacity to sway the vote of the region one way or the other ca no ... Read more

How Responsible Are You As A Father?

It breaks my heart when I see children living like orphans while their fathers are alive. Sigmund Freud said that the strongest need in childhood was for a father’s protection. This may sound controversial to some but science has proven it to be true. Countless studies show the importance of the father’s role in early childhood and i ... Read more

My Preliminary Issues With The Atiku Policy Document

Umar Ardo, Ph.D

The major problem of this Policy Document is that it fails to address the most fundamental issues faced by most other previous similar documents - i.e. the 'how' issues! We all know the problems; we know why we've the problems; and we also know what to do to solve these problems. What we've not so far been able to figure out is ' ... Read more

Corruption Fight; Widening Stride And Nettlesome Results

Jerome-Mario Utomi

Without overlooking other serious socioeconomic challenges bedeviling the nation, corruption appears to be the greatest problem confronting us today. Though neither new nor peculiar to Nigeria, it has observably flowered frighteningly in public life in Nigeria. What has however, made it a reality that Nigerians now worry about is that despite th ... Read more

Celebrating The Erudite Professor.

Professor Chinualumogu Achebe

The demise of Professor Chinualumogu Achebe who was one of Nigeria's erudite scholars caused a stand still in the world. He was respected worldwide for his renowned intellectual disposition, literary prowess, and life of honour and activity. As news of his death reached out, sighs of grief and gasps of pain echoed all over the country, Af ... Read more

Alleged Buhari Double and the Spiri

Jideofor Adibe

This week’s reflection is on a trending story that began when Buhari retur ...
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Imo: The Emperor Loses His Empire. 

One of the most celebrated Emperors in Nigeria is fast losing his empire. He is ...
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Oshiomhole: APC`s Undertaker?

The ruling political party, the All Progressives Congress is today facing a seri ...
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We Are All Potential Migrants

The world is witnessing an unprecedented migration crisis, like never before. Th ...
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Ebonyi Guber 2019: The Way Forward

INTRODUCTION The position of the Governor is the highest executive posit ...
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