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The orange tree producing several hundreds of fruits, year in year out, only spring from one very little seed.That seed in the wilderness stands very small chance of surviving against the forces of nature. In the hands of a determined farmer it grows and mature in to fruit bearing entity.

Like a full-blown Orange tree,human achievements of immense magnitude spring from the notions of persistently determined minds.Any notion,idea or desire left on its own becomes nothing but moment of day-dreaming and useless inspiration.To become potent,a notion has to form in a mind driven by a tenacity of purpose and clear-cut vision.

A man who can relish ideas of becoming or making but lack the ability to exert the requisite pressure of transformation is one whose mind is a wilderness,in which his aspirations remain impotent. On the other hand, that man who make most of his desires and ideas become reality destined himself for greatness.

Greatness,like every other thing on earth has its price.For a man to achieve great things in life,he must,first of all,identify his most important notions,then exert himself like never before to nurture them to maturity.

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By: collins nwokeleme

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