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The Christmas Gift

By Melanie Miller

The christmas gift, is under the tree,
with its golden bow and silver package, so beautiful to behold.

The gift is waiting for me to unwrap it and the tree is smiling at me now.

I love my tree with its many lights glowing and all too knowing, what my present is.

Christmas time- is for joy and cheer and I wish people this and a happy new year!

I love the holidays, and cooking the turkey and other feasts.

I have many friends come over and play games.
Christmas time may always be the same- for always to come,

and Christmas can be so much fun!
I would not trade Christmas for anything.
I may get as gift from my husband, such a ring or necklace, and maybe even new earrings,

and I will sing a happy Christmas song for him alone, at night.

We will look together, at the lights and sing to one another, our own Christmas songs.

We will eat our pumpkin pie and feel we are on cloud nine.

Christmas for us, will be devine.
So share the spirit of Christmas with someone you love and admire,

and even sing a song of joy by the roaring fire!
Christmas is a blessed event and heaven sent, from above and Christmas means-

Peace, Joy and Love!

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