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North Under Siege: Helicopters Now Employed By Terrorists 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.North Under Siege: Helicopters Now Employed By Terrorists 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu: Gov. Orji’s anointed for 2015? 1 Odimegwu OnwumereWhy Does President Jonathan Give Life To Boko Haram Terrorists? 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.WHEN A HUNTER BECAME THE HUNTED: ELECTRICITY OFFICES IN DARKNESS, WHAT A SHAME! 1 Abubakar SematimbaIMO HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: ITT- INTERNATIONAL THIEF THIEF 1 Kenneth UwadiHow Mr.Peter Obi Loyalty to PDP almost destroyed APGA! 1 Adams kennedy ChidiTHRILL SEEKING DEATH AT ANY AGE AGONY TO THOSE LEFT BEHIND 1 Farouk Martins AresaPostscript: Adeyemi Ikuforiji – To everything under the sun, there is a season 1 Olusegun Fakoya, Dr Nigeria: Letter To My Northern Brothers, Both Mustapha And Christopher 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauTHIS OBSESSION OF THE ELITES WITH PETROL SUBSIDY 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoSenator Ojudu: A Lamb Among Wolves 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Turkey Arms To Nigerian Terrorists Mess 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.OBASANJO’S RUSSIAN OPTION 1 Ajiroba Yemi Kotun12 Years A Slave and The Case For Reparations 1 Femi Fani-KayodeAre We Really All Children Of The Most High And Worship The Same God Almighty? 1 The Christian Walk Human Rights Report: Open Letter To Governors Of Igbo Speaking States On The Necessity Of Power Rotation Your Excellency Sullivan Principle Is The Tonic To Salvage Igbos From Political Emasculation By Fellow Igbos In Igbo-Majority States 1 Kindness Innocent JonahNigerians Live Everywhere… Even In Borno—President Jonathan In Namibia 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.WORLD PRICES WITH NIGERIAN SALARY EXEMPT POLITICIANS 1 Farouk Martins AresaMIIVOC PRESS RELEASE: IMMIGRATION RECRUITMENT STAMPEDE: THIS SCAM MUST BE PROBED 1 Chike DuruEX NFIU DIRECTOR, IBEKAKU LOSES FATHER 1 Chike DuruWorld Prices With Nigerian Salary Exempt Politicians 1 Farouk Martins AresaHuman Rights Report: Fulani Hersmen & Boko Haram Killings In Nigeria Are Retributive Justice On The Blood Of Igbos Innocently Shed By Co-Christians In Northern Nigeria Between January 15, 1966 And January 15, 1970 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHow Much Money Does A Man Need? 1 Olusegun Fakoya, Dr What Do Children Need? 1 Robert J. BurrowesThrowing Jobs At The Bereaved: More Insult On National Injury 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Olu Falae: Leaders Regard Citizens Accompanying Pains As Enrichment 1 Odimegwu OnwumereKalu And The Enticement To Join APC 1 Odimegwu OnwumereBishop Leonard Umunna Deserved Nigerian National Merit Award 1 GODDAY ODIDIImmigration Recruitment Fiasco And A New 'Responsive' Jonathan 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoBishop Leonard Umunna Deserved Nigerian National Merit Award 1 GODDAY ODIDIAfrica: A Dumping Ground For Substandard Electrical Wares 1 Odimegwu OnwumereAfrica: A Dumping Ground For Substandard Electrical Wares 1 Odimegwu OnwumereTo The Ogoni People Of This World: 1 Ben IkariThe Need For Ogoni Independence From Nigeria 1 Ben IkariConfab And Fallacy Of Exaggerated Expectation 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoNigeria: This Leadership Is Cursed! 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Challenges Of Life (3) 1 Gabriel AgboJonathan and zero allocation for Ajaokuta Steel 1 Michael JegedeModification Of Obiano’s Inaugural Speech & Our Inaugural Advice(Part One) 1 Emeka UmeagbalasiThe Abuse Of Power By Lautech Para-Militaries 1 Oluwatomilola BoyindeCONFAB: What Of Police Reforms? 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoAkwa Ibom State Politics: The Assassination of Albert Ukpanah—Blame Godswill Akpabio! 1 Chris OduokROAD ACCIDENTS A MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH IN AFRICA. 1 Abubakar SematimbaA CASE FOR EMPLOYMENT BY UZOMA ELENWOKE 1 Uzoma ElenwokeLooking For Jobs, Finding Death 1 Femi Fani-KayodeNeeded To Lead Africans To Dignity Land 1 Farouk Martins AresaLeaked! President Jonathan's Speech On The Nation And Bloody Immigration Exercise 1 FEJIRO OLIVERNigeria: The Dilemma Of A Nation 1 Philip AmiolaLooking For Jobs, Finding Death 1 Femi Fani-KayodeThings 'Ngozi Won't Understand About Nigeria 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauGovernment Stealing from the Poor Almajiri’s and the Unemployed Youth 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Referendum In The Crimea and The Great Betrayal 1 Femi Fani-KayodeFeminists are haters of Men 1 Odimegwu OnwumereNow That Nigeria Is Ungovernable What Next? 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Presidency 2015: Jonathan And Ijaws To Teach Hausa-Fulani Bitter Lesson (Part 1) 1 Obinna AkukweQuincy Herbal Slimmers: Dependable Gateway to Healthy Living 1 Emmanuel AjibuluRE- IS IGP ABUBAKAR SERIOUS ABOUT SAVING THE POLICE? 1 Adewale T. AkandeSUG ELECTION: MESSAGE TO THE VANGUISHED AND THE VANQUISHERS! 1 Oluwatomilola BoyindeUSHA ANENGA: NIGERIA IS SHOWING THE HALLMARKS OF A FAILED STATE 1 Usha Anenga2015: Kalu, Jonathan, Abia People And The Reassurance 1 Odimegwu OnwumereEbonyi Equity Charter: The Demand For A Trustworthy Leader In 2015 1 Muhammad Ajah15,000 Violent Deaths Since Jonathan Took Over 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Life Binaries And The Inevitability Of God’s Judgment 1 The Christian Walk JONATHAN’S VAN DAMME KICK ON THE EYE OF THE IGBO 1 Stanley NdukweLet the debate begin! 1 Emeka AsinugoKalu And The Unending Wrangle With Obasanjo 1 Odimegwu OnwumereLife Binaries And The Inevitability Of God’s Judgment 1 The Christian Walk Bala Mohammed: A Lesson In Blame Game 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoGoing, Going, Gone! Has Gusau Gone Yet? Wake Me Up When Gusau Is Gone 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Why the Niger-Delta Oil “Belongs To Jigawa” 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Rivers: Where Is Wike? (Part 2) 1 Odimegwu OnwumereChallenges Of Life (Part 2) 1 Gabriel AgboThe Thieving Speaker Of The Imo State House Of Assembly-Part 2 1 Kenneth UwadiFarouk Lawan’s N96m Bribe Trial Is Today: Let Justice Be Served 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Sanusi Lamido: My Enemy, My Friend, My Hero and My Whistle-blower 1 Obinna AkukweTwo Is Fighting: Nigeria’s Hausa and Igbo 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.END ASUP STRIKE 1 Frank O. IjegeVOODOO-MIZED CORRUPTION: MY ROGUES ARE MORE NOBLE THAN YOURS 1 Farouk Martins AresaDo We Deserve To Be Happy? 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMADangoteism : Failure of Social Contract Theory in Nigeria 1 Stanley NdukweAbia People Reply Gov. T.A Orji On His N400m Ohafia-Arochukwu Road 1 Odimegwu OnwumereSANUSI LAMIDO’S SUSPENSION: THE UNGUARDED USE OF POWER BY GEJ 1 ABDULSALAM ABDULFATAH LIBERTYDangoteism : Failure of Social Contract Theory in Nigeria 1 Stanley NdukweNonsense in the Financial Reporting Council Report on the CBN 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Power Of Passion And The Spirit of the Warrior 1 Femi Fani-KayodePresidential Victimization of Sanusi and the treasonable theft of $20 billion Dollars 1 Obinna AkukweIS A NATIONAL CONFERENCE REALLY NECESSARY? 1 Frank O. IjegeHon T.N. Paul Birabi: The Forgotten Nigerian Nationalist 1 Davio TenienteABRACADABRA IN RIVERS POLITICS 1 Frank-Collins Nnamdi Okafor PhDPDP Is A Terrorist Organisation 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Four Scores for Prince Bola Ajibola 1 IDRIS KATIBAbacha Award: There Is Honour Among Thieves 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.We Are Boko Haram 1 Fredrick NwabufoAn Awry Post-Modern World Gone Berserk, Amok And Debased 1 The Christian Walk NIGERIA IS A CORRUPT COUNTRY -US REPORT 1 Chike DuruChimamanda Adichie and Assortative Slaying: In the Galleria of Truth 1 Stanley NdukweOscar Joy From The Pains Of Present & Past Slaves 1 Farouk Martins AresaGazing Mode: Why are Terrorists Sentenced in the UK but Free in Nigeria? 1 Stanley NdukweA Government From Boko Haram 1 Emeka Asinugo