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Behind The Sound Bites Lies The Hideous Truth 1 Gerald A. PerreiraTest / Talesmen LiteratureWorld Cup 2014: Nigeria Deserved To Lose … I Rejoiced 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Power of Sacrifice (5) 1 Gabriel Agbo My Response To Lai Mohammed and the APC On Their Threat Of Legal Action. 1 Femi Fani-KayodePOETIC PILGRIMAGE 1 Adeola IkuomolaTHE DEFEATED CHAMPIONS 1 Adeola IkuomolaWhen Doctors Strike 1 Adeola IkuomolaIs Every Religion The Same? 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMAPDP: Does Jonathan Deserve Automatic Ticket? 1 Edwin UharaSteps To End Insurgency 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoWHY NIGERIA IS STILL POOR & AMERICA IS STILL RICH 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Mitigating Insecurity in Nigeria through Cutting-Edge Technology 1 John UwayaBalancing the Political Equation in Rivers State: Pathway to Sanity in 2015 1 Idumange JohnHOW GOVERNOR OKOROCHA SQUANDERED N5.5 BILLION NAIRA ABOH MBAISE LGA FUNDS IN 3 YEARS 1 Kenneth UwadiTHE OTHER SIDE OF APC AND AKPD PARTNERSHIP 1 Edwin UharaNigerians, All That Drugs, The Widows And Us 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauEbola Virus: How Prepared Is Nigeria? As Disease Claims 110 Lives In Africa 1 THERE IS NO ARMY OF GOD ANYWHERE ONLY MASS KILLERS 1 _UnknownAbia: Where Meats Are Burn With Tyres Causing Heavy Environmental Pollution 1 This Nigerian War Is Uncivil 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoI AM A VICTIM OF TERROR 1 Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji HamzatGovernor Gabriel Suswam listen to the Plight of Teachers 1 Frank O. IjegeCareer Success in Nigeria’s Printing Industry 1 Abdul-Rasheed AfolabiThe Great Human Delusion: All Parents Love Their Children 1 Robert J. BurrowesThe Great Human Delusion: All Parents Love Their Children 1 Robert J. BurrowesCan Nigeria Beat Argentina? 1 Paul JohnECONOMIC SALVATION: CASE STUDY IN NOLLYWOOD CULTURAL ORIGINALITY 1 Farouk Martins AresaFayemi Lost But Fayose Did Not Win, Who Did? 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.THE RAZZMATAZZ OF FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014: A SPIRITUAL ANALYSIS 1 The Christian Walk Desperado Politicians 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.2015: EKITI PERISCOPE 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Let's Think & Talk With Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete: 2015: Ekiti Periscope 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Imo CP (Mr. Ali Majid) And The Challenge Of Fighting Crime 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMAEkiti: Some Hard Lessons For The APC 1 Femi Fani-KayodePower Of Sacrifice (4) 1 Gabriel AgboFayose’s Victory: Number One Lesson For APC 1 Edwin UharaPlot to Impeach Gov. Amaechi an Invitation to Anarchy, Booby Trap for Our Nascent Democracy – Rivers APC Say 1 Nwaorgu FaustinusOn Ekiti Election And Fayose's Victory 1 Michael Jegede#BringingBack The Songs That Predicted Our Current Situation 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauThe Rage Of The Jihadists and The Scourge Of Radical Islam In Nigeria 1 Femi Fani-KayodeTHE NIGERIAN PRINTING INDUSTRY IN THE GLOBALIZATION ERA 1 Abdul-Rasheed AfolabiTHE PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA'S HEALTH SECTOR(4) 1 Paul JohnIbibio Elders Warns Akpabio Against Assassination: My ResponseEssien 1 Chris OduokHow Governor Rochas Okorocha Looted 16 Billion Naira Imo 13 Percent Oil Derivation Funds In 3 Years 1 Kenneth UwadiGovernor Amaechi, A President Like Putin 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.HOW GOVERNOR ROCHAS OKOROCHA LOOTED 16 BILLION NAIRA IMO 13 PERCENT OIL DERIVATION FUNDS IN 3 YEARS 1 Kenneth UwadiThe Good News On Abacha Loot 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoHate Kalu Or Like Him, He Is A Hero 1 Odimegwu OnwumereWhy We Failed To #BringBackOurGirls 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.PLEASE GET ME A BIG CHAIN; NIGERIAN PHYSICIANS ARE GOING MAD AGAIN 1 FEJIRO OLIVERWHAT AFRICAN ELITES HAVE DONE FOR BLACKS LATELY 1 Farouk Martins AresaTerrorism threat, fighting and chaos in the town of Jeddo. 1 Oyibo Ediri CarlEmotor Isoko Development Association: A tool for Isoko Leadership 1 GODDAY ODIDIMilitary Repression Of Press Freedom 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoIn New Orleans And Other Big Cities Of The World, Satanic And Demonic Acts Writ Larger Than In Rural Areas 1 The Christian Walk Crisis In Iraq: A Result of Reckless Global Interventions 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Akunyili, Bayero: So, Gov. T.A Orji Can Express Shock? 1 Akunyili, Bayero: So, Gov. T.A Orji Can Express Shock? 1 Odimegwu OnwumereBreaking News!!! Plans By Godswill Akpabio To Assassinate Edidem Umoette 1 Chris OduokPower Of Sacrifice (3) 1 Gabriel Agbo#BringBackOurGirls: Two Months On, How The Girls Were Kidnapped 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauYahoo Yahoo Boys Are Better Than This Crop Of Politicians 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Enough is Enough 1 Ihemelu OkeyWHEN WILL ATIKU RETIRE FROM ACTIVE POLITICS? 1 Edwin UharaRIVERS STATE: ANARCHY BASE OF THE NATION. - Enenim Ubon 1 Enenim UbonNutrition: South-East And South-South Endangered By Pollution 1 Odimegwu OnwumereThe Explosive Words Of Dr. Junaid Mohammed 1 Femi Fani-KayodePolitical Decadence In South West Nigeria 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoThe 20 Questions About Boko Haram 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Re-Boko Haram: Iraqi PM Offers To Arm Fleeing Civilians In Mosul To Combat ISIL Militants 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI AS THE 14TH EMIR OF KANO: LIKE AGUIYI IRONSI, LIKE GOODLUCK JONATHAN 1 Kindness Innocent JonahBoko Haram, Chibok Girls- Nigerian Churches Declare Prayer Warfare, Prayer Haram 1 Obinna AkukweORLU ZONAL PDP MEETING, SENATOR HOPE GOT IT WRONG 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMAFootball, FIFA, Racism, Economic Genocide, And The Convergence In Brazil 1 Nnamdi Frank AkwadaPower Of Sacrifice (2) 1 Gabriel AgboThe POTENTIAL VI: The Way You Eat Your Mango 1 Ayokunle AdeleyePUBLIC ENEMIES AND FALSE REGIONAL LOYALTY 1 Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji HamzatRenaissance: New Emir, New Kano, New North, New Nigeria, New Africa 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.World Cup: Witchcraft And Mysticism In Global Football 1 Leonard Umunna After 60, Archbishop Or What Next? 1 GODDAY ODIDISilas John: An Indomitable Man Of God With Prophetic Legacies 1 GODDAY ODIDIIsoko Mirror At 9 1 GODDAY ODIDIFashola: Olorunda LCDA Is The Worst LG In Lagos State 1 GODDAY ODIDIGovernment Of Nigeria Has No Intention To #BringBackOurGirls 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Military And The Parable Of The Rapist 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoMilitary And The Parable Of The Rapist 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoArmy’s Unwarranted Crackdown On Media 1 Michael JegedeBetween New Emir Sanusi’s Frankness And Timidity Of Igbo Leaders 1 We Are Not Stupid In Nigeria, But We Are.... 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauWorld Cup: Ghanaian 'Witchcraft' On Trial 1 Adding Meaning To Our Musical Lyrics 1 Edwin UharaThe Lamentations And Tears Of Almajiri United 1 Femi Fani-KayodeK.C.C.A IN BIG TROUBLE: WORKERS DETERMINED TO SUE 1 Abubakar SematimbaDelta 2015: Who Succeeds Emmmuel Uduaghan? 1 GODDAY ODIDILeonard Umunna: A Bishop With Mentorial Credibility 1 GODDAY ODIDIBishop Leonard Umunna’s Life Assessment At 60 By Admirers 1 GODDAY ODIDI2015: Isoko Politicians With Their Empty And Fulfilled Promises 1 GODDAY ODIDIIN NEW ORLEANS, THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD IS REAL AND ALIVE 1 The Christian Walk PREPARE FOR BOKO HARAM GENERALS’ COUP D’ETAT 1 Farouk Martins Aresa