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Inventing A Scandal For Obiano � Ifeanyi AfubaPDP-Victim Of Own Impunity � Joe OnwukemeENDS Congratulates General Buhari, Praises President Jonathan � Perry Brimah, Dr.GEJ AND GMB: What Legacies May Record � Ikechukwu EnyiaguMeet Africa’s New Chiefs � Perry Brimah, Dr.Election of President-Elect Mohammadu Buhari Could Be a Turning Point � Disu KamorAn Open Letter To President-elect, Mohammadu Buhari � Ozodi Osuji, PhDThe Unfolding Phenomenon � Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji HamzatNigeria's General Elections - And The Winner Is “us” � Prince Charles DicksonAbia Central: A clap for Gov. T.A Orji � Madubuko HartAbia Central: A Clap For Gov. T.A Orji � Madubuko HartThe Show Of Shame By "Elder" Godson Erubebe � Tosin AkindeleThe Wind Of Change Must Reach Lagos State � Farouk Martins AresaThe Typical Hole In The Heart � Tosin AkindeleYour Heart....part 1 � Tosin AkindeleThe Lizard In The House � Tosin AkindeleNigeria’s General Elections—And The Winner Is “Us” � Prince Charles DicksonNo Known Party Has Ruled Imo � Nathan Protus UzormaFour Critical Outcomes Possible As #NigeriaDecides � Perry Brimah, Dr.Revisiting The Abuja Peace Accord � Edwin UharaINEC And Nigeria's Destiny � Ikechukwu EnyiaguWith razor’s edge elections, eyes of the world on pregnant Nigeria � Chido NwangwuAs We Vote Today � Ayokunle Ayk FowosireElection Prayer ,morning Of The D Day � Mazi OderaigboNigerian Economy Remains Strong � Ngozi Okonjo-IwealaAre Nigerian Youths Truly The Leaders Of Tomorrow? � Paul JohnFor the Love of Country � Ayokunle Ayk Fowosire5 Evident Reasons You Should Vote with Common Sense. � Showunmi RexGwoza “Recapture:” President Jonathan Guilty Of Genocide � Perry Brimah, Dr.Before The Vote: Why You Must Die For Buhari And Jonathan To Win � Fejiro OliverDR. YOUNG: The Ball Is In Your Court � Oluwatomilola BoyindeChange Vs. Transformation: Election Riggers Not Working For Jesus Christ � Obinna AkukweAre Nigerian Youths Truly The Leaders Of Tomorrow? � Paul JohnRevisiting The Abuja Peace Accord � Edwin UharaBiafra: What seek Ye? � Ikechukwu EnyiaguPrepare for War (3) � Gabriel Agbo “If Mr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan Wins The Saturday March 28, 2015 Presidential Election, Then The True Lord God Almighty Hasn’t Called Me!” � The Christian Walk So That Nigeria May Survive The 2015 Presidential Elections � Nnaemeka OruhAn Open Letter To Yorubas, Please Vote Massively For The Re-Election Of President Jonathan, For It Is In The Best Interests Of The Southwest That You Do � Abitunde TaiwoMy Marital Life...Part 4 (Final) � Tosin AkindeleNovel Approaches To Demobilization � Tosin AkindeleWho Are You To The Society, The Soiler...Or The Cleaner? � Tosin AkindeleBird Flu: All Eyes On Nigeria? � Ugoochukwu EjinkeonyeNigeria: Elections In The Season Of Fear � Ugoochukwu EjinkeonyeMy Letter to the Cabal: Game Up � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Beauty of Democracy � Ayokunle Ayk FowosireImo Big Four- Heading to Douglas House � Prince Stanley U OkorojiRt. Hon. Otelemaba Amachree: Legendary Speaker Launches Bold Move For The Senate, Looks Unstoppable � Chief Eze Chukwuemeka EzeWho did Ikpeazu sign the pact with? � Madubuko HartUntil they call off their bluff � Emeka AsinugoTime Caretaking; Has It Impeded The Development Of Africa? � Funge-owei NemineAgenda For Peace With Hamzat: 2015 Election: Is Your Candidate The Best For Nigeria? � Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji HamzatHow Social Media Will Shape 2015 Elections � Sulaimon Mojeed-SanniA Rejoinder To Senator Adefuye's Statement That Only A Bastard Yoruba Will Vote For President Jonathan, A Right To A Rebuttal In The Original Publications � Abitunde TaiwoAFRICA YEARNS FOR TRUE LEADERS; TIRED OF ORATORS � Abubakar SematimbaHon. Andrew Uchendu: From Quintessential Rep To Senator � Chief Eze Chukwuemeka EzeObodo Emebi Go � Mazi OderaigboWho Killed Four Aides Of Imo House Of Assembly Speaker � Kenneth UwadiTinubu’s Documentary: A Sign Buhari Is Not Corrupt. � Yusuff Olayode SupotoTheir future can still be bright � Emeka AsinugoOf Desperation and Disappointments � Ayokunle Ayk FowosireYorubas in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, please use your God-given talents and resources to develop the Southwest. � Abitunde TaiwoLiberia: Press Must Desist from Covering Up for War Crimes Suspects � James Kokulo FasuekoiA Case For Post-natal Trauma Among African Women � Emeka AsinugoHistoric Election: Nigerians Go To Polls To End Three Decade Babangida Hold On Nation � Perry Brimah, Dr.Jonathan’s 6-Week War Blunder And Inability To Defeat Boko Haram � Perry Brimah, Dr.Labour Unions Locked-Out of Nigeria’s Presidential Election � David O. Kuranga, Ph.D.2015 Election: What Is There For The Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality? � Okachikwu DibiaWhose Word Would You Believe...The Lawyer Or The Pharmacist? � Tosin AkindeleElections And Democratic Practice In Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Challenges And Prospects � Ajayi Amos KennyStill On Buhari Certificate Scandal � Nafata BamagujeSeason Of Inter-Party Endorsements � Joe OnwukemeGov. Akpabio’s Reign Of Terror And The Politics Of Blood In Akwa Ibom State � Inibehe EffiongEthnicity Can Set Up The Next President For Failure � Farouk Martins AresaCountdown to March 28th, and averting the casualties � Prince Charles DicksonWho Is Disturbed Over Akpabio’s Uncommon Supports For Jonathan? � Edwin UharaA proposed agenda for a 9-state Southwest region, the second largest economy in Africa, from May 29 or October, 2015, an update � Abitunde TaiwoSenator Abe Set To Retain Seat Without Sweat On March 28 � Chief Eze Chukwuemeka EzeImo Free Education for Free Failure � Prince Stanley U OkorojiUwajumogu’s Specific Performances In Okigwe Zone - Part One � CHUKWUEMEKA AHANEKUOnline Media Boycotting Political Campaign Of Apc/pdp Is Story For The Gods � Fejiro Oliver“E Go Better,” Kill Nigeria � Perry Brimah, Dr.Clues or Less � Ayokunle Ayk FowosireJonathan and Buhari: The choice we make today is the Nigeria we will see tomorrow – Uzoma Ahamefule � Uzoma AhamefuleMy Marital Life....part 3. � Tosin AkindeleMy Marital Life....part 2 � Tosin AkindeleThe Story Of My Wife....and Marital Life... � Tosin AkindeleHow Broadband Can Catapult Nigeria Towards Economic Development � Abiola Ayodeji GbemisolaRivers 2015: An X-Ray Of The Issues That Will Determine The Rivers State Politics And Election –The Feats Of Governor Amaechi, President Jonathan’s Under-Development Of Rivers State—An Overview By An Insider � Chief Eze Chukwuemeka EzeINEC Card Reader: Antagonists Not Working For Jesus Christ � Obinna AkukweNigeria: That Yar'adua Phone Call, And More Shameful Calls To Morocco � Prince Charles DicksonDon't Be A Slave To Board Tyranny...or Suffer With Equanimity, My Advise To Doctors! � Tosin AkindeleA Huge Challenge to Opposition � Madubuko HartDemocracy Space as Regulated Fiefdom – A rejoinder � Madubuko HartKa Rochas Okorocha Puo -part 3 � Kenneth UwadiPrayer For Nigerian 2015 March 28 Election � Mazi OderaigboAre You Really A Christian? You Think You Are? Think Again! � The Christian Walk Prepare for War (2) � Gabriel Agbo Is Nigeria a failed State? (Part 1) � Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji HamzatIs Nigeria a failed state (part 2) � Abdulrazaq Oyeabnji Hamzat