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Nigeria Conference: President Jonathan And Niger Deltans To Blame Should The Status Quo Remains 1 Ben IkariHow A Special Minister Fights Corruption 1 Emmanuel Onwubiko ABOUT THE KILLED PRESS MAN! 1 Tosin AkindeleTHE GORY TREND OF RITUAL MURDERS AND SALE OF HUMAN PARTS IN NIGERIA! 1 Tosin AkindeleIN DEFENSE OF OUR GRADUATES. 1 Tosin AkindeleOUR INDUSTRIAL ESTATES- THE ROT, A COMMON DENOMINATOR! 1 Tosin AkindeleMY OPINION ON HOMOSEXUALITY 1 Tosin AkindeleWE KNOW YOU! YOU ARE A HUSBAND KILLER! 1 Tosin AkindeleTHE SHENANIGANS OF OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS(1) 1 Paul JohnThe Time To Make A Choice 1 Femi Fani-KayodeINSANITY IN OUR LECTURE HALLS 1 Oluwatomilola BoyindeDiseases, Sicknesses And Ailments Caused In The Human Spirit That Defy Orthodox Medical Treatment 1 The Christian Walk Cliven Bundy Assures Black People That Slavery Times Was Far Better Than President Obama’s America 1 John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.Most Fathers Are Just Husbands 1 Odimegwu OnwumereComing To America: If I Knew Then What I Know Now, Would I Have Come To America? Part One Of Two 1 Chuks uc UkaomaCross River 2015 And Jeddy-Agba's Guber Ambition 1 Michael JegedeBala Mohammed’s Stride In FCT And The Future Of Bauchi 1 Philip AgbeseThe War In South Sudan...A Lesson For Nigerians! 1 Tosin AkindeleGovernor Amosun's Rebuilding Mission 1 IDRIS KATIBThe Sun Will Shine Again! 1 Gabriel Agbo Terrorism: Analysing The N76 Billion CCTV Scam 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoNigeria Conference: Open Letter To Niger Delta Delegates 1 Ben IkariBLAMING BOKO HARAM ON THE ARMY & JONATHAN 1 Farouk Martins AresaDear AFP; Nigerian Press: Where Is Shekau’s Nyana Video? 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.North Asks For Regional Administrator Head Of Security 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY: MYTH AND REALITY 1 Abubakar SematimbaGOV OKOROCHA THE MAGICIAN? 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMATHE PROBLEMS IN THE NIGERIA'S HEALTH SECTOR(2) 1 Paul JohnWhen Babalawos Run Our Education 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauDiezani Wanted For Robbery! Citizens Please Accost Anywhere Found - #AntiThiefSquad 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Why President Obama Will Not Visit Nigeria 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Filth Called Boko Haram And A Season Of Shame 1 Femi Fani-KayodeThe Origins Of Diseases, Ailments And Sicknesses: Tapping Into God’s Laws Of Divine Health 1 The Christian Walk UGANDA ISLAMIC MUSEUM THE FIRST IN EAST AFRICA IN THE OFFING 1 Abubakar SematimbaLETTER TO NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA AND NIGERIANS 1 Stanley NdukweTHE POLITICS OF NIGERIAN SECURITY CHALLENGES 1 Paul JohnONCE UPON A GREAT NATION By Obi Martins 1 Obi Martins20 Years Of Rwandan Genocide: Lessons For Nigerian Political Leaders & Armed Opposition Groups (i.e. Boko Haram Insurgents)-Part Three 1 Emeka Umeagbalasi200 Abducted Girls: Call For All Hunters, Able Youth To Join Search 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.LETTER TO NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA AND NIGERIANS 1 Stanley NdukweRIBADU’S TIGER-TAIL 1 Ajiroba Yemi KotunNational Security: Nigeria’s Military Being Compromised 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Madness Of Olisa Metuh And The Tragedy Of The Nigerian Nation 1 Olusegun Fakoya, Dr Starve Religions Of State-Fund Workplace & School Uniformity 1 Farouk Martins AresaNigeria: A Nation Under Fire 1 Frank O. IjegeThe North And Culture Of Violence As A Political Tool 1 Eyenisong IbibioNigeria's President Is Sick; And The Northern Leadership Is Dead 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Nyanya: We Better Wake Up Or Die Where We Lie 1 Henry Chukwuemeka OnyemaABIA Power Rotation And The Plight Of The People Of The South 1 Eddie OnuzuruikeAmaechi: His Legal, Political Battles And Enrichment Of Our Judiciary 1 Chief Eze Chukwuemeka EzeForgiveness Is Dysfunctional 1 Robert J. Burrowes2015: WHY WE WANT JONATHAN-GROUP • MANTU: NO PRESIDENT HAS FAVOURED THE NORTH LIKE JONATHAN 1 Chike DuruREPORTED PLOT TO WEAKEN EFCC MISCHIEVOUS- MIIVOC 1 Chike DuruEmergency Rule Extension: Why We May Need A Kanuri Warrior 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Stealing Is Killing! The Cabal Must Go Now For Nigeria To Be Free 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Muslim-Muslim Ticket Good Option for APC (part 1) 1 Obinna AkukweBirthday Wishes: I Thank God And You My Friends 1 Oluwatomilola BoyindeWhere Was Our Lord Jesus Christ Between Thirteen And Twenty-Nine Years Of Age? 1 The Christian Walk No God in Israel? 1 Gabriel Agbo An Expose on Nasir El-Rufai: Trails of Betrayals & Propaganda 1 Mohammed SeiduNational Conference: Amplifying The Nigerians Voices On Social Media 1 Abdullahi M. SeiduMore Pastors Might Die At Igbo Funerals 1 Odimegwu OnwumereNyana Bombing: The Cabal Are Fighting, The Mekunu Are Dying 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Nyana Bombing: The Cabal Are Fighting, The Mekunu Are Dying 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.As Corruption And Insecurity Stifle Africa's Growth 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoWhere Was Our Lord Jesus Christ Between Thirteen And Twenty-Nine Years Of Age? 1 The Christian Walk Lagos Power Show: Fashola V. Obanikoro 1 Farouk Martins AresaThere Is No More Boko Haram, It Is Military Task Force - Military Sources 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Colonel Kabiru Salisu—91 Days With Boko Haram 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauThe Identities Of The 100 Uniform Clad “Fulani Herdsmen” Marauders 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Is God The Author Of Evil? 1 Femi Fani-KayodeORPHAN STEALS MILLIONS, FROM HIS SPONSORS, SENT TO JAIL FOR YEARS. 1 Abubakar SematimbaTobias Idika: Poisoned Ohanaeze President Of Kano Slated For Burial 1 Obinna AkukweNigeria’s Energy Virus: In The Galleria Of Truth 1 Stanley NdukweHuman Rights Report: Nigerian National Conference Tall Order: 19 Northern States (Arewa) Speaking With One Voice: Jesus And Satan Are Now Friends 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: 19 Deaths In The Immigration Recruitment Exercise, N600 Million Collected From Unemployed Applicants: Goodluck Jonathan What Do You Say 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: 12 Million To Each Participant In The On-Going Nigerian National Conference (500 X 12 Million Naira): Goodluck Jonathan Is Wasting Nigeria 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: Corruption, Looting And Squandeminia; Jonathan Please Sack Diezani Maduekwe, Now, Now And Now 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: National Conference: Goodluck Jonathan’s 75% Majority Rule Translates To Minority Rule 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: Hausa-Fulani Receives More Than 90% Of Goodluck Jonathan’s New Ministers: Sorry For Goodluck Jonathan Wanting To Please The Unpleasant 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: Ike Nwachukwu Leading Igbo Delegation To The National Conference Is 100% A Disgrace To Igbo Nation: A Protest Open Letter To Igbos 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: Immigration Dead: How To Create Job For The Teaming Population 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: National Conference Is Goodluck Jonathan’s Campaign Strategy 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Tragedy: Re-Organize Nysc To Empower Graduates In Nigeria To Be Self-Employed 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: One Nysc Officially-Stalutorily Receives N1 Million Naira, But Is Given A Pittance Of N240,000, The Rest N760,000 Is Eaten-Siphoned By Nysc Officials. 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Report: True Federalism Before 1966: National Confab Should Adopt It 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHuman Rights Crusade: National Conference Delegates N12 Million Each: Tunde Bakare Is The Only Nigerian 1 Kindness Innocent JonahNIGERIA’S ENERGY VIRUS: IN THE GALLERIA OF TRUTH 1 Stanley NdukweAfrican Star Amida Brimah’s UConn Wins NCAA Basketball National Title 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.From Obi to Obiano: Things Finally Fall together for Anambra 1 James EzeMark: A Leader Of Exemplary Character At 66 1 Michael JegedeAfrican Media Leaders Must Chart A New Course 1 Emeka AsinugoMarried People Don’t Really Have Sex 1 Fredrick NwabufoEpiphany: Please Take A Look At This Picture 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Memorandum Of Nigeria's Transformation Presented To The Delegates To The Nigerian National Conference (March 17, 2014 - June 7, 2014) By Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah, President Of A Human Rights Group: ROMKEEP - Rights Of Man Keep. 1 Kindness Innocent JonahDeath Everywhere: The Consequences Of State Corruption 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Me, Myself And I And The Evolving African Reality 1 Samwin John Banienuba#NigerianMassesRevolution: Letter to 1 Million Youth Defrauded By Immigration 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Diezani Alison-Madueke: Goodluck Jonathan Vs the Nigerian people 1 Olusegun Fakoya, Dr Delta 2015: Who is Afraid of PDP or APC? 1 GODDAY ODIDI