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Ondo Council Poll: When the People’s Will Prevailed � Jude NdukweMAY DAY 2016: No Gods, No Masters � Joseph CachiaTo the Nigerian Inspector General: Shame Catch Me � Prince Charles DicksonCP Lakanu, Pacing on Uncommon Paths � Nathan Protus UzormaGrazing Reserve Bill Is Unconstitutional—Says HURIWA � Emmanuel OnwubikoStill on Voluntary Principles on Security on Human Rights � Okechukwu UkegbuSilverbird TV Awards: Unveiling Success Stories and Historical Facts � Godday OdidiViolence in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Solutions � Rotimi OlawaleTime For Nigerian Medical Doctors To Enforce Their Fundamental Human Rights!! � Paul JohnJCI: The Shiites Made History Defending Churches From Boko Haram In Kaduna � Perry Brimah, Dr.Sap Bulala Waiting For Devaluation Politics � Farouk Martins AresaBukola Saraki And The Code Of Misconduct Tribunal � Jude NdukweThe Money Transfers and The Truth About The Presidential Campaign Funds � Femi Fani-KayodeForgive Me Dear Governor � Perry Brimah, Dr.Rita Orji: Changing Ajegunle Politics Through General Almsgiving � Godday OdidiDaniel Alabrah:An Accomplished Media Entrepreneur with Reputation � Godday OdidiBishop Umunna Releases another Gospel Album this Sunday � Godday OdidiRomance Without Sex In Marriage � Farouk Martins AresaJoining The Strong Voices For Completion Of Abandoned Projects In Imo � Chigozie UzosikeIs It Constitutionally Possible To Abolish The Nigerian Senate? � Inibehe EffiongQueen @90 � Alexander OpichoPersecution Bill: The Extremist el-Rufai Can Only Monitor Wahhabi Takfiris � Perry Brimah, Dr.Nigerians Are Wrong To Dismiss Dr. Awuor As A Fake Preacher � Alexander OpichoArmy Endangering Real Herdsmen Across Nigeria � Perry Brimah, Dr.Why The Igbos May Be Nigeria's Greatest Hope � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Delusions Of Abia Governor Ikpeazu Of Abia State � NNANNA IJOMAHMaking a case for Acting and Valuing Followership � Abiola Ayodeji GbemisolaAs Shoprite Invades South East Retail Markets � Emmanuel Report On The State Of Governance In Akwa Ibom State: A Rejoinder � Inibehe EffiongThe National Grazing Reserve Bill: The Greatest Evil Of All � Femi Fani-KayodeUmeh, Obi and Anambra Central Rerun battle � Michael JegedeY. A. N. A. � Joseph CachiaRoad Accidents: Zambia Prays Again? � Leo IgweABC of the Nigerian Civil Servant � Prince Charles DicksonShey Na Saraki Alone Dem Go Hold? What About The Other Senators? � Perry Brimah, Dr.Men Chase Ladies Before Romance Ladies Chase Men After � Farouk Martins AresaFemi Aribisala: Time To Recover From A Trauma! � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNOf Kogi's Mystery Deaths And Wada's Critics � Phrank ShaibuA Presidency’s Town Hall Meetings Without The President? � Okoro Gabriel BryneThat CNN’s Video of Chibok Girls � Philip AgbeseAre The Police Boy Scouts As The Armed Forces Takes Over Policing Nigeria? � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Outlaws of Islam � Femi Fani-KayodeOgoni Still Bleeding � Odimegwu Onwumere#BuriedAlive: Bathing The Dead Reduces False Deaths � Perry Brimah, Dr.Many Were Buried Alive In The Zaria Mass Grave � Perry Brimah, Dr.National Hide-and-Seek Champions of Nigeria � Prince Charles DicksonFDR: The World Still At A Loss! � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNThe Sound Of Victory Against An Army Of LawBreakers � Maxwell AdegbenroEmbattled el-Rufai Quotes Geneva Conflict Rules To Justify #UltraWicked Mass Burials But Ignores Entire Chapters � Perry Brimah, Dr.Pharaohs Outrageous Pay Reincarnated In Panama � Farouk Martins AresaA Glimpse of Ikpeazu's 300 Days in office � Comrade Onuegbu OkechukwuGovt. Confessions On #ZariaMassacre: Call For Immediate Suspension Of Kaduna Political Administration � Perry Brimah, Dr.Right-Of-Reply: "Brimah Attacking Jonathan" - But Who Are You? � Perry Brimah, Dr. Witchcraft Manipulation � Nathan Protus UzormaBuhari And 'The 24 Disciples' � Iyoha John DarlingtonBuhari’s Cockroach Ride � Remi OyeyemiMedia Has Changed But Journalism Remains � Rotimi OlawaleNigeria's Security Departments, Tribalised, Sectionalized And Personalized � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Murder Of The Fulani: Yugoslavia Unfolding � Femi Fani-KayodeWhy God Prepared and Sent Buhari � Odilim Enwegbara16 million pro-ISIS Muslims in Naija � Nafata BamagujeThe Collegiate Leadership Concept � Remi OyeyemiBig Biz Must Generate Their Electricity & Foreign Money Now � Farouk Martins AresaThe Huge Refunds To Nigerian Pilgrims � Muhammad AjahOf The Letter In Which Fidel Castro Rubbished Obama � Alexander OpichoNigeria's AGF "Ignorant Of" Death Penalty For Terrorists Law � Perry Brimah, Dr.Kachikwu, Fuel Scarcity And The Promised Land � Philip AgbeseDon't Be Discouraged (2) � Gabriel Agbo Ending Human Violence is a Task for Each of Us � Robert J. BurrowesTeach Us These Days,The Professional Politics! � Paul JohnRenewed Call For Sack Of Buratai For The Assassination Attempt On Zakzaky, Zeenat, Murder Of Their Children � Perry Brimah, Dr.The New Abia Mindset � Okechukwu UkegbuFulani Herdsmen: Terrorists Or Landgrabbers? � Emmanuel OnwubikoThe “Dirty Look” Worth 1000 Words � David O. Kuranga, Ph.D.Governor Ikpeazu One-Year Anniversary Score Card � NNANNA IJOMAHBuilding Up A Strong And Stable Nation � Emeka AsinugoPolitics Aside: Time Has Come To Take The Climate Seriously! � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNAusterity: Buhari Should Lead By Example � Perry Brimah, Dr.Between Ayo Fayose and Yours Truly (Part 1) � Femi Fani-KayodeAIG M.M. Katsina, Promotion Extra Deserved � Nathan Protus UzormaLootocracy: Amadioha Come And Loot The Looters � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiOn The Road To Golgotha: PDP, Politics, Poli-Tricks And Politicking � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiThe politics of Esse: A Nigeria without Nigerians � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiIt Was All But Taratiddle About Chakava’s Birthday � Alexander OpichoDear Muyiba Adetiba � Paul JohnWhy Nigeria Should Devalue The Devalued Naira � Perry Brimah, Dr.Like Jonathan's Subsidy Scam, Like Buhari's Forex Scam � Perry Brimah, Dr.Biafra, Buhari and The Easter Day Rising (Part 2) � Femi Fani-KayodeBiafra, Buhari and The Easter Day Rising (Part 1) � Femi Fani-KayodeDevaluation: Good For Nigeria & Ghana But Not China & Japan � Farouk Martins AresaLeonard Umunna: A Quintessential Bishop with Integrity � Godday OdidiStrong Individuals, Weak Institutions! � Frank O. IjegeWhy Buhari Is Constitutionally Wrong On Sambo Dasuki/Nnamdi Kanu � Emmanuel OnwubikoThat The 2016 Budgets Have Been Passed � Muhammad AjahEASTER CELEBRATION, THE ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE. � Abubakar SematimbaDon't Be Discouraged (1) � Gabriel Agbo Rich Parents Procure Dollars Sent By Children Of The Poor � Farouk Martins AresaIn Event That Donald Trump Wins… � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNKaduna State Religious Preaching Bill: Resolving The Constitutional Controversy � Inibehe EffiongIdolatry, Or What Made Ngugi’s Story Most Translated? � Alexander Opicho