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African Media Leaders Must Chart A New Course � Emeka AsinugoMarried People Don’t Really Have Sex � Fredrick NwabufoEpiphany: Please Take A Look At This Picture � Perry Brimah, Dr.Memorandum Of Nigeria's Transformation Presented To The Delegates To The Nigerian National Conference (March 17, 2014 - June 7, 2014) By Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah, President Of A Human Rights Group: ROMKEEP - Rights Of Man Keep. � Kindness Innocent JonahDeath Everywhere: The Consequences Of State Corruption � Perry Brimah, Dr.Me, Myself And I And The Evolving African Reality � Samwin John Banienuba#NigerianMassesRevolution: Letter to 1 Million Youth Defrauded By Immigration � Perry Brimah, Dr.Diezani Alison-Madueke: Goodluck Jonathan Vs the Nigerian people � Olusegun Fakoya, Dr Delta 2015: Who is Afraid of PDP or APC? � Godday OdidiChallenges of Life (6) � Gabriel Agbo Imo 2015: Martin Agbaso and his regrets � Odimegwu OnwumereAkwa Ibom Must Produce The Next President Or Else � Farouk Martins AresaThat's A Booby Trap: President Jonathan Says, Rejecting Needed Campaign Expenses Regulation � Perry Brimah, Dr.Insecurity In Nigeria � Godday OdidiIMAGE OF A NIGERIAN STUDENT REVOLUTIONARY: A SATIRE! � Oluwatomilola BoyindeThe Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (Part 2) � Femi Fani-KayodeThe Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (Part 2) � Femi Fani-KayodeNasir El-Rufai And Smear Campaign Against Fejiro Oliver—My Own Story � Fejiro OliverNigeria Conference: Core Issues To Resolve Or It Fails � Ben IkariWhere One Or Two Fulanis Are...? � Prince Charles DicksonUPU Position on Urhobo Governor in 2015 and the 24 Urhobo Kingdoms � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.The Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (Part 1) � Femi Fani-KayodeThe Strange Dream Of A Muslim/Muslim Ticket (Part 1) � Femi Fani-KayodeThe North Wants True Federalism Restored: And The South? � Perry Brimah, Dr.Please Do Not Celebrate My Death � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Need To Change IDU To Isoko Ethnic Nationality � Godday OdidiGEJ: Between A Shambolic Nation And A Shameless Leader � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiNigeria At 100: Between Centenary Fiesta And The Sin Of Yesterday � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiNigerian Politicians: Between Democrats And Hypocrites � Eze Martins-hassan Esomchi2015: Before The Hammer Falls And Doom Speaks � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiNigeria: A Question Of Poor Leadership � Eze Martins-hassan EsomchiVOX POPULI: THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE SUPREME VOICE OF THE TRUE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY � The Christian Walk The Plot To Arrest Me By The Imo State House Of Assembly � Kenneth UwadiThe Need For Ministerial Education In Our Modern Day Churches � Godday OdidiJunglocracy: For All We Want We Protest � Perry Brimah, Dr.Mark’s Convoy Attack: Who Said Gov. T.A Orji Doesn't Operate Government Of Falsehood? � Odimegwu OnwumereNigeria’s Critics In Diaspora: A Pretentious Horde � Fredrick NwabufoThe Sedition Charge Against Ebere Wabara � Michael JegedeYes, Mr. President, Review The Activities Of CP, Abia State � Odimegwu OnwumereAkpabio Flags Off New 28 Kilometer Road In Oruk Anam � Chris OduokHow To Curb Examination Malpractices In Nigeria � Godday OdidiNigeria: The Big Rice Smuggling Debate � Emmanuel OnwubikoSo, On Whose Order Was Ebere Wabara Arrested? � Odimegwu Onwumere'The Struggle For Humanity' � Robert J. Burrowes'The Struggle For Humanity' � Robert J. BurrowesImo: A House And Its Comedians � Kenneth UwadiGovernor Akpabio And His 31 Industries � Chris OduokAfrica Has Enough Of Crimea At Home � Farouk Martins AresaGov. Peter Obi CON, Well Done! � Mazi OderaigboPoliticians And Entertainers � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.The Incredulity Of Automatic Tickets For Politicians � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.National Confab Of Elites, Septuagenarians & Octogenarians � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Curbing The Fulani Herdsmen Menace � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Centenary Jamboree And Rejected Awards � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Is Jonathan’s Government For Christians Only? � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.End To Sanusi’s Jingoism � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Uncle P: The Making Of A Benevolent Speaker � Christian ChineduLet's Think And Talk: The Ubiquitous Awards Of Uduaghan � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.The Many Ills Of Zoning � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Cutting The Hands Of Nigeria’s Thieves And Other Issues—Anti-Thief Squad � Perry Brimah, Dr.Cutting The Hands Of Nigeria’s Thieves And Other Issues—Anti-Thief Squad � Perry Brimah, Dr.In Nigeria, Government Doesn’t Understand Climate Change � Odimegwu OnwumereABIA STATE AND THE RETURN TO GESTAPO OPERATIONS BY POLICE � Emmanuel OnwubikoABIA STATE AND THE RETURN TO GESTAPO OPERATIONS BY POLICE � Emmanuel OnwubikoThe Hijacking Of The Sovereign National Conference (SNC), Jonathan Has Lost His Marbles And Nigerians Their Bloody Minds � Nnamdi Frank AkwadaLet Odua Boko Haram Niger Delta & Biafra Go � Farouk Martins AresaNgozi Olejeme: A Better Woman For A Better Delta 2015 � Godday OdidiIn Search Of The Finest Garri? � Oluwatomilola BoyindeThe Barbarians Of Africa � Femi Fani-KayodeHOMOSEXUALITY AND LITERATURE: CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE AS OXYMORON � Emeka AnumborChallenges Of Life (4) � Gabriel Agbo Challenges Of Life (4) � Gabriel Agbo North Under Siege: Helicopters Now Employed By Terrorists � Perry Brimah, Dr.North Under Siege: Helicopters Now Employed By Terrorists � Perry Brimah, Dr.Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu: Gov. Orji’s anointed for 2015? � Odimegwu OnwumereWhy Does President Jonathan Give Life To Boko Haram Terrorists? � Perry Brimah, Dr.WHEN A HUNTER BECAME THE HUNTED: ELECTRICITY OFFICES IN DARKNESS, WHAT A SHAME! � Abubakar SematimbaIMO HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: ITT- INTERNATIONAL THIEF THIEF � Kenneth UwadiHow Mr.Peter Obi Loyalty to PDP almost destroyed APGA! � Adams kennedy ChidiTHRILL SEEKING DEATH AT ANY AGE AGONY TO THOSE LEFT BEHIND � Farouk Martins AresaPostscript: Adeyemi Ikuforiji – To everything under the sun, there is a season � Olusegun Fakoya, DrNigeria: Letter To My Northern Brothers, Both Mustapha And Christopher � Prince Charles DicksonTHIS OBSESSION OF THE ELITES WITH PETROL SUBSIDY � Emmanuel OnwubikoSenator Ojudu: A Lamb Among Wolves � Perry Brimah, Dr.The Turkey Arms To Nigerian Terrorists Mess � Perry Brimah, Dr.OBASANJO’S RUSSIAN OPTION � Ajiroba Yemi Kotun12 Years A Slave and The Case For Reparations � Femi Fani-KayodeAre We Really All Children Of The Most High And Worship The Same God Almighty? � The Christian Walk Human Rights Report: Open Letter To Governors Of Igbo Speaking States On The Necessity Of Power Rotation Your Excellency Sullivan Principle Is The Tonic To Salvage Igbos From Political Emasculation By Fellow Igbos In Igbo-Majority States � Kindness Innocent JonahNigerians Live Everywhere… Even In Borno—President Jonathan In Namibia � Perry Brimah, Dr.WORLD PRICES WITH NIGERIAN SALARY EXEMPT POLITICIANS � Farouk Martins AresaMIIVOC PRESS RELEASE: IMMIGRATION RECRUITMENT STAMPEDE: THIS SCAM MUST BE PROBED � Chike DuruEX NFIU DIRECTOR, IBEKAKU LOSES FATHER � Chike DuruWorld Prices With Nigerian Salary Exempt Politicians � Farouk Martins AresaHuman Rights Report: Fulani Hersmen & Boko Haram Killings In Nigeria Are Retributive Justice On The Blood Of Igbos Innocently Shed By Co-Christians In Northern Nigeria Between January 15, 1966 And January 15, 1970 � Kindness Innocent JonahHow Much Money Does A Man Need? � Olusegun Fakoya, DrWhat Do Children Need? � Robert J. BurrowesThrowing Jobs At The Bereaved: More Insult On National Injury � Perry Brimah, Dr.Olu Falae: Leaders Regard Citizens Accompanying Pains As Enrichment � Odimegwu OnwumereKalu And The Enticement To Join APC � Odimegwu Onwumere