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CHINUA ACHEBE- A POET, PHILOSOPHER AND PROPHET � thewillnigeria.comRE: NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA AND THE CONTROVERSIAL APPOINTMENTS � thewillnigeria.comMR. IGP, WHAT ABOUT THE EMERGENCY DECLARATION ON POLICE TRAINING COLLEGES? � thewillnigeria.comSTACEY UKAOBASI AS CHILD RIGHTS CHAMPION � thewillnigeria.comMr. IGP, What about the Emergency Declaration on Police training Colleges? � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D. U.S. Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage � Paul KokoskiRE: NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA AND THE CONTROVERSIAL APPOINTMENTS � Olusola DanielShe Was Tranquility � Femi Fani-KayodeStacey Ukaobasi as Child Rights Champion � Emmanuel OnwubikoTHE HANGING OVER, LET US NOW FIND OUT WHO ORGANIZED THE ATTACK? � thewillnigeria.comDEFINING MORALITY IN NIGERIA � thewillnigeria.comTHE FOOLS AND THEIR FOREIGN LOOT Nko � thewillnigeria.comAS PROFESSOR BASHIR ADEKUNLE OKESINA BECOMES UNIOSUN VICE-CHANCELLOR � thewillnigeria.comHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT CARDINALS NOW IN CONCLAVE: ROMAN CLERICAL SEX ABUSE IN CATHOLIC ORGANIZATIONS OTHERWISE CALLED “ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH”. NEW POPE, PLEASE REMOVE CELIBACY: IT IS SATANIC. � Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: 83% OIL WELLS TO NORTHERN NIGERIA. HAUSA-FULANI – 80%, OTHERS 3%: HAUSA- FULANIS ARE ENJOYING THEIR WAR LOOTS: LEAVE THEM ALONE � Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: BOKOHARAM AMNESTY: SULTAN OF SOKOTO NEMADI SAMBO AMIRS AND ISLAMIC LEADERS ARE KNOWN SPONSORS OF BOKOHARAM � Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: MINISTER OF SOLID MINERALS SIPHON 873 BILLION NAIRA BEING SOLID MINERAL EXTRACTION IN NIGERIA. HE IS HAUSA-FULANI. � Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: HAUSA-FULANI OWN 80% OF OIL BLOCK, NON-HAUSA-FULANI NORTHERNERS OWN 3% AND SOUTHERN NIGERIA OWN 17% � Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORTS: AMNESTY TO BOKOHARAM: SULTAN OF SOKOTO IS THE SPONSOR OF BOKOHARAM IN NIGERIA � Kindness Innocent JonahSuicide Bombers and the Promise of Paradise (2) � Gabriel Agbo GAAICOM, EZEIFE: KANO BUS BOMBINGS- SPECIAL ARMS BEARING UNIT NECESSARY TO PROTECT IGBOS � Obinna AkukweAKPABIO AND MEDIA UNDERTAKERS � thewillnigeria.comTHE AMERICAN SUPREME COURT AND SAME SEX MARRIAGES � thewillnigeria.comUNEMPLOYMENT HARAM AND THE CRICKET � thewillnigeria.comPASTOR OBADARE: GIANT OF THE FAITH � thewillnigeria.comU.S. Supreme Court review of gay marriage � Paul KokoskiThe American Supreme Court And Same Sex Marriage � Femi Fani-KayodeTHE FOOLS AND THEIR FOREIGN LOOT Nko � Farouk Martins AresaBONA EZEUDU: USING ART TO CONTAIN TRAGEDY � thewillnigeria.comANAMBRA 2014: THE HARVEST OF GOODWILL, SOLIDARITY AND SUPPORT BY ANDY UBA � thewillnigeria.comBETWEEN TAMBUWAL AND TONY NWOYE � thewillnigeria.comACHEBE - WRITER OF POLISHEDPROSE GEM � thewillnigeria.comUPU & the Urhobo Collective Agenda � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.WHAT ACHEBE TAUGHT ME � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.HUMILITY � Paul KokoskiGOV. OKOROCHA, GOV. OKOROCHA, GOV. OKOROCHA, HOW MANY TIMES DID I CALL YOU? � Ikedi OhakimSOLUTIONS TO NIGERIA'S FOOD & AGRICULTURAL PROBLEMS � SADIQ CHUKS OrjiGOV OKOROCHA MUST APOLOGIZE � Nathan Protus UzormaBETWEEN TAMBUWAL AND TONY NWOYE � Emmanuel OnwubikoGOV. OKOROCHA, GOV. OKOROCHA, GOV. OKOROCHA, HOW MANY TIMES DID I CALL YOU? � Nathan Protus UzormaWhy Should White Gods Listen To Africans? � Naiwu OsahonBush and Co. Should be Prosecuted for War Crimes and Genocide against Iraqis � Ben IkariWhy Should White Gods Listen To Africans? � Naiwu OsahonDemons and Demonological Activities among Humans in the World � The Christian Walk RE: AMNESTY: LIKE NIGER DELTA MILITANCY, LIKE BOKO HARAM � thewillnigeria.comTHE POLITICS OF JESUS' RESURRECTION - HOW DO WE KNOW THAT JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD? � thewillnigeria.comTHERE WAS AN ICON – A TRIBUTE TO CHINUA ACHEBE � Kelechi UdensiBRIDGING COMMUNICATION GAP BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE � Edwin UharaNigeria Prison Challenges reflect Ethnic-Religious and Environmental Anxieties, and not the Control General � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.IS THE CHURCH STILL RELEVANT IN THIS 21ST CENTURY? � Emeka AnumborSo much about national security, what about human security? � Samwin John BanienubaCORRUPTION: NIGERIA'S BIGGEST PROBLEM, MEDIOCRITY AN ORNAMENT OF CORRUPTION � thewillnigeria.comNIGERIA PRISON CHALLENGES REFLECT ETHNIC-RELIGIOUS AND ENVIRONMENTAL ANXIETIES, AND NOT THE CONTROL GENERAL �'SPIRITUAL STABILITY' � thewillnigeria.comCATCH THEM EARLY-CAN WE? � thewillnigeria.comNASIR EL-RUFAI AND THE ENDURING GLORY OF FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY � thewillnigeria.comTO BE FOREVER FREE! � thewillnigeria.comCHINUA ACHEBE: A LEGEND AND MASTER STORYTELLER � thewillnigeria.comBREAKING THE SILENCE FINALLY ON CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE � thewillnigeria.comHoly Week and Easter � Paul KokoskiHURIWA ASKS TAMBUWAL TO INAUGURATE TONY NWOYE � Emmanuel OnwubikoTO THOSE THAT WILL DECIDE � Bello A AkeemDAILY MOURNING OF LIVING OUTSIDE OUR COMMUNITY � thewillnigeria.comTHE DILEMMA OF CRIMINAL HYPOCRISY IN NIGERIA � thewillnigeria.comSuicide Bombers and the Reward of Paradise (1) � Gabriel Agbo Daily Mourning Of Living Outside Our Community � Farouk Martins AresaOil In Liberia: How Could Liberians Settle for Only 5%? � Honourable Saka12 MAJOR PROBLEMS OF FOOD & AGRICULTURE IN NIGERIA � SADIQ CHUKS OrjiBefore We Pardon My Oga At The Top � Simeon Christian ChukwuWHY IS THERE NO PEACE IN THE WORLD? � Eyenisong IbibioBoko Haram: Between Amnesty And Dialogue For The Ghosts Of Terror � Theophilus IlevbareA NOTE TO UMARU- I STAND AND I FIGHT � Femi Fani-KayodeWHY SIR JUDE AGBASO SHOULD BE IMPEACHED � thewillnigeria.comRANTS OF ANTELOPE (IGALA) FROM IGALA KINGDOM � thewillnigeria.comCPS as Panacea for Pension Scam: Delta State Example � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.CAN and the Alleged Islamisation of Osun State � Disu KamorWHY SIR JUDE AGBASO SHOULD BE IMPEACHED � Kenneth UwadiThere Is Blood In The Land � Femi Fani-KayodeA MOOT PARDON: JONA DON FALL OUR HANDS � thewillnigeria.comJONATHAN IS DOING HIS JOB � thewillnigeria.comDON'T CHANGE THIS NIGERIA � thewillnigeria.comUNPARDONABLE UNPRESIDENTIAL PARDON � thewillnigeria.comInjustice ! How Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo, Shared Nigeria's Oil Blocks. � Obinna AkukweSt. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada and the Universal Church � Paul KokoskiAKPOJENE’S RESIGNATION: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LEADERSHIP? � Godday OdidiAlams’ pardon: the privilege of indignation � Anthony A. Kila UNPARDONABLE UNPRESIDENTIAL PARDON!! � Emmanuel OnwubikoA Moot Pardon: Jona Don Fall Our Hands � Wale OdunsiNIGERIA’SIMAGE ABROAD: PERCEPTION AND REALITY � Edwin UharaAnother Italian Pope From Rome Via Argentina � Farouk Martins AresaHow Principalities Became Idols and Why They Are Attractive To Serve? � The Christian Walk ANOTHER ITALIAN POPE FROM ROME VIA ARGENTINA � thewillnigeria.comUNIOSUN V.C: MAKING A CASE FOR ALUMNI REPRESENTATION � thewillnigeria.comTHE ANA, LAGOS, I LOVED � thewillnigeria.comSOLUTIONS TO NIGERIA’S REAL PROBLEMS � SADIQ CHUKS OrjiTHE MAN FROM OTUOKE � thewillnigeria.comTUBERCULOSIS AND WOMEN: THE CASE OF SWAZILAND � thewillnigeria.comALAMIEYESEIGHA'S STATE PARDON: ISSSUES ARISING & OFFER OF UK HOLIDAY � thewillnigeria.comOF STATE PARDON AND RIBADU'S FRUSTRATIONS � thewillnigeria.comIF AFRICANS ARE NOT STUPID, WHY ARE WE ALLOWING IDIOTS TO THINK FOR US TODAY? � Naiwu Osahon