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Before Devaluation Or Ending Subsidy, Tax The Rich! � David O. Kuranga, Ph.D.The Heavens Smile On Enugu � Chiedozie Alex OgbonniaThe Need For The Realization Of A Social Security System In Nigeria Is Now � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.Right? Not Quite! � Tosin AkindeleFor Me, A Hard Choice Between Fashola And Tinubu... � Tosin AkindeleAnambra State@24, What Must Be Celebrated? � Comrade Onuegbu OkechukwuThe Successes and Excesses In Nigeria's New War Against Terror � Perry Brimah, Dr.Pastor Sunday Adelaja Reels Statistics Of A Massively Looted Nation, Says Nigerian Economy Can Overtake America If (Part 1) � Obinna AkukweMy telephone call to President Muhammadu Buhari � Muhammad AjahThe Psychology Of Projection In Conflict � Robert J. BurrowesBuhari And Nigeria’s Looted Funds � Eyenisong IbibioDonald Trump Slams Obama For Allowing ISIS Get 2300 Armored Humvees Via Iraq � Perry Brimah, Dr.We Have Had Enough, No More Chancing! Time To Sign #RecallNASS Petitions Website � Perry Brimah, Dr.Ikpeazu's Call For Igbo Entrepreneurs To Invest At Home � Okechukwu UkegbuReshaping Africa’s Economic Destiny In A Sustainable Development Era � Rotimi OlawaleAmaechi And His Feats: A Close-Up On The Man Whose Shadow Gives Wike Nightmares � Eze Chukwuemeka EzeNigeria: How Long Will President Buhari’s Intoxicant Work? � Ugoochukwu EjinkeonyeBuhari’s Wastage Of Governance And Excessiveness On Probe � Odimegwu OnwumereOkiro And ICPC's Bland Verdict � Okoro Gabriel Bryne Ogoni UNEP Report: How Buhari Can Succeed Or Fail � Ben IkariThe Way Of The Eagle, The Lion And The King! � Femi Fani-KayodeHow Jesus Negotiated With Terrorists: A Lesson For Buhari � Ademule DavidThe World Went Silent When We Died.... � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNThe World Went Silent When We Died.... � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNNSC: Non—Justiciability Of Alienation Of South East � Emmanuel OnwubikoDid Gov. Rochas Truly Purchase Private Jet Recently? � Nathan Protus UzormaWhy Governors And Oshiomhole Are Bullying Okonjo Iweala � Olusola DanielProductivity Center Of Two Heads � Emmanuel Onwubiko@bukolasaraki's Reconcilatory Move With @asiwaju_tinubu: A Comportment Of True Nationalist � Bahir AkanbiVoice Of Jagaban � Anthony AdemiluyiParents & Guardians: Please Try � Martin Beck NworahThe Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and others in our midst � Prince Charles DicksonOkowa and Delta @ 24 � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Buhari, Corruption and Party Loyalty � Remi OyeyemiOpen Letter To His Execllency, Muhammadu Buhari � Kindness Innocent JonahHead-thieves, Deaf-mutes And Liars...part 1 � Tosin AkindeleNobody Is After Fashola! � Nonso InekwereValidity Of Akwa Ibom APC Gubernatorial Candidacy: The Facts And The Lies � Inibehe EffiongProfessor Claude Ake On Underdevelopment In Africa � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNNigerian TV Industry.... A Short Appraisal � Tosin AkindeleWhy Babatunde Fowler Will Change The Face Of Taxation In Nigeria � Fayth Deleola DaramolaAnd Dr Cripple Replies.... � Tosin AkindeleAre Nigerians Just Lawless? � Tosin AkindelePower: The Need To Stop The Continuation Of Payment Of Bills After Disconnection � Nwaorgu FaustinusWhy Are The Senators Yapping? � Tosin AkindeleThis Shameless Peace Committee � Tosin AkindeleHead-Thieves, Deaf-Mutes And Liars...Part 3 � Tosin AkindeleHead-Thieves, Deaf-Mutes And Liars...Part 2 � Tosin AkindeleHead-Thieves, Deaf-Mutes And Liars...Part 1 � Tosin AkindeleThe Legal Limits Of "Ceremonial" � Tosin AkindelePresident Buhari Let Withdraw VIP Police Escorts and Replace Hunters At University Security Posts � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.Removing Nigeria’s Fuel Subsidy Is A Lame Excuse � SKC Ogbonnia, Dr.Radio Biafra: The Challenges Of Igbo Identity, Politics And Integration � NNANNA IJOMAHOver-Religious Campus Politician � Oluwatomilola Boyinde​What Has Changed In Bayelsa And What Should Not Change? � Nwokedi NworisaraAbia Workers Verification Exercise, The Gain So Far � Comrade Onuegbu OkechukwuPope Francis VS Bishop Kukah On Corruption � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.A Clue From America � Emeka AsinugoBayelsa MDG: Touching Lives In A Unique Way (Part 1) � Idumange JohnA War Of Verses In Idoto’s Watery Presence � James EzeThe Chibok Angels Rescued Nigeria � Perry Brimah, Dr.Bishop Kukah And Jonathanians' Logic � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNYou Will Not Fail � Nonso InekwereBuhari: Nigeria Got Its Rawlings Revolution � Perry Brimah, Dr.Homosexuality: Good Or Evil? (Part Two) � Gabriel Agbo Fashola: Oro Agba Told You So � Farouk Martins AresaWake Up Call For Security Agencies In Abia � Okechukwu UkegbuThe Problem With El-Rufai, Fashola's Demolitions, Attitude To The Poor � Perry Brimah, Dr.In Defence Of Justice Oloyede Folahanmi � Okoro Gabriel BryneCorruption: Before The Prosecutions Starts � Frank O. IjegePHILOSOPHY: ‘AN AFRICAN ENCOUNTER’ � Emmanuel OnwubikoHumanism And Anti-Intellectualism in Nigeria � Leo IgweBishop Kukah And Jonathanians’ Logic � Olalekan Waheed ADIGUNA Reversal Of The Ideology Of African Time � Emmanuel OnwubikoI Am Angry: TIV Language Is Going Extinct � John AkeviFrom African Queens To Dongonyaro Babes � Nnamdi Frank Akwada“Technology Development Bank Of Nigeria Plc” � Adebiyi AdeyemiWhy Former Governor Raji Fashola Is Hitler-like � Perry Brimah, Dr.Condemning Racism in the West, and Celebrating Ethnocentrism at Home: The Dilemma of some Africans � Inusah mohammed Awall$150 Billion Loot: Jonathan, Abdulsalam, Kukah In Corrupt Visit To Buhari � Obinna AkukweBuhari Is Distracting Nigerians � Odimegwu OnwumereThe Hero In Bourdillion � Obidinma AkuWhether corruption is stealing, or stealing is corruption, our education is corrupt � Prince Charles DicksonScrap Pilgrims Board Now!!! � Uzor NgoladiGeneral Buhari (Rtd) to Declare his Asset: The Musing of a Ghanaian � Inusah mohammed AwallLet Potential Ministers in Nigeria Take Psychological Test � John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.We Are All Biafra � Joel PereyiThe certainty of growth, the uncertainty of development in Nigeria by Kingsley Ohajunwa � Kingsley OhajunwaThe Return to Idoto: When Pilgrims pay Homage to a Forlorn god � James EzeCaught Napping � Ajiroba Yemi KotunTen things Buhari must do to move Nigeria forward � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Nigerian and the corruption albatross � Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.$150 billion Loot: Jonathan, Abdulsalam, Kukah in Corrupt Visit to Buhari � Obinna AkukweThe Problem Is In The System � Emeka AsinugoNigeria: Maybe, Akanu Ibiam Should Write To The USA This Time � Odimegwu Onwumere$150 Billion Loot: Jonathan, Abdulsalam, Kukah In Corrupt Visit To Buhari � Obinna AkukweThe Pigs: As Fashola Gets Dirty... � Perry Brimah, Dr.Buhari Is Distracting Nigerians � Odimegwu OnwumereOkigbo, Iconic Poet Resurrects In Feast Of Poetry � James EzePresident Buhari, For A Sustainable Victory In The War On Corruption, You Need To Enlist Or Recruit A Formidable 'Citizen-Army' Of Tax Payers’ Resident In Nigeria And In The Diaspora � Abitunde Taiwo