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4,333 Bama Residents Killed Since Boko Haram Occupation This September 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Sweet Thing About Recent Political Defections In Nigeria 1 Emeka AsinugoLike Henry Clay of America, Tony Anenih remains the greatest politician in 21st Century Nigeria 1 John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.Suicide Or Murder? 1 Suicide Or Murder? 1 Rape! We Are All Guilty! 1 Joe OnwukemeEconomic And Security Collapse: Jonathan Is A Threat To Nigeria 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Nigeria First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan equally has the right to express her own thoughts and act out her feelings, no matter how distasteful 1 John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.2015: Lamai Leads Other Aspirants For Edo North 1 Edwin UharaHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: CEASEFIRE WITH BOKOHARAM IS SUBMISSION 1 Kindness Innocent JonahHUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: OPEN LETTER TO BARAK OBAMA TO EXPRESSLY INTERVENE IN SYRIA AND IRAQ IN THE RIGHT WAY. 1 Kindness Innocent JonahWHO IS PREVENTING THE PASSAGE OF PIB IN TO LAW? 1 Edwin UharaViolence Against Children: UN Gets It Wrong 1 Robert J. BurrowesNever Again! (2) 1 Gabriel Agbo Challenges Facing Nigerian Employed Youths 1 Joe OnwukemeTHE OWELLE ROCHAS OKOROCHA YOU DON’T KNOW 1 Kenneth UwadiOPEN LETTER TO IMO PDP AND OTHER POLITICAL LEADERS: THE POSITION OF IMO YOUTHS. 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMAWhat if President Jonathan was to visit Monarch Lamido Sanusi in his palace, a man of international honor, and bow to him as a sign of humbleness? 1 John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.THE GENESIS OF THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE BETWEEN MR. TEMITOPE JOSHUA OF SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AND ME: ITS PREDICTABLE OUTCOME 1 The Christian Walk QUARANTINE: AFTER HEATLTHCARE WORKERS BIO & NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS NEXT 1 Farouk Martins AresaSENATE AND THE LIMITS OF POLITICAL BUFFOONERY 1 Emmanuel Onwubiko HOW MONARCHY TENDENCIES LED TO AFRICA’S BACK WARDNESS. 1 Abubakar SematimbaThe Black And White Of Color, 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.The Words Of A Haramite and the Perfidy Of The 'Bring Back Our Girls' Campaign 1 Femi Fani-KayodeChief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano – Woman with a Heart of Gold 1 James EzeWhere has Governor Willie Obiano Gone Wrong? 1 James Eze2015 Elections: Politicians On Their Marks, Getting Set… 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos Plateau2015 Elections: Politicians On Their Marks, Getting Set… 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauMY REPORT FROM THE REDEMPTION CAMP. 1 Tosin Akindele2015 Governorship elections and 35% Women participation 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.QUITE STRANGELY, THE LED IN NIGERIA PREFER THE RAW DEAL! 1 Tosin AkindeleBetween Okupe And General Buhari 1 Joe OnwukemeRE: PAUL JOHN'S POLITICS OF NIGERIAN SECURITY CHALLENGES 1 and 2 1 Paul JohnReelection Antics: From “#BringBackGoodluck2015” To “Ceasefire” 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Re: Paul John's Politics Of Nigerian Security Challenges 1 And 2 1 Paul John2015: Governor Elechi at it again 1 Muhammad AjahSURVIVING the Times 1 Ayokunle AdeleyeThe new face of Onitsha 1 Ejike AnyadubaTHE EVIL INHERENT IN DELIBERATELY SELLING A BAD PRODUCT.... 1 Tosin AkindeleLagos 2015; When the thief calls the hen to roost 1 Kola SalauDEAR GENERAL BUHARI, NIGERIA HAS MOVED BEYOND YOUR ERA 1 Enenim UbonPOCA, MLA SHALL STRENGTHEN NIGERIA’S ANTI-GRAFT WAR-ADOKE …AS CSOs WARN AGAINST HIJACK 1 Chike DuruIKIMI’S FLIGHT OF FANCY 1 Ajiroba Yemi KotunWestern (American and European) Guinea “Pigism” and the Collaboration of African Elites 1 Nnamdi Frank AkwadaWho Is Afraid of Kwankwaso? 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.IN NIGERIA, THE LED HARASS THE LEADER TO STEAL PUBLIC FUNDS...TURNING HIS LIFE TO SHEER HELL IF DOESN'T! 1 Tosin AkindelePOOR QUALITY OF THE NIGERIAN JUDICIARY. 1 Tosin AkindeleMy Tenure as the Education Secretary of AJIF has not Expired-Hon.Adeogun 1 GODDAY ODIDI'Understanding And Defeating Resurgent Fascism' 1 Robert J. BurrowesANTI GRAFT WAR: CSO STAKEHOLDERS BACK POCA, MLA …INSIST ON FULL AUTONOMY FOR NFIC 1 Chike DuruUGANDA ISLAMIC MUSEUM AND RESEARCH CENTER LAUNCHED 1 Abubakar SematimbaGov. Uduaghan, @ 60, Give Us This Governor As Your Birthday Gift 1 FEJIRO OLIVERTaraba Guber: My Kobo Advice For David Sabo Kente DSK 1 John AkeviThe Politics Of Nigerian Security Challenges 2 1 Paul JohnEvery Day Jonathan Ceases To Fire, Nigeria’s North Loses More Territory To Terrorists 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.NIGERIAN TV PROGRAMMES...AN APPRAISAL AND MEDICAL IMPLICATIONS 1 Tosin AkindeleA FINE SOLDIER AND GENTLEMAN. MY IMPRESSION OF RETIRED GENERAL ALABI SHARMA. 1 Tosin AkindeleIs the Jonathan War a Civil War provoked by Boko Haram on behalf of many dehumanized and hopeless Nigerians, in the North especially? 1 John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.IF NIGERIANS CAN SO CAN AMERICANS CONQUER EBOLA HYSTERIA 1 Farouk Martins AresaLAWSUIT ON JONATHAN’S SOLE CANDIDACY: MATTERS ARISING 1 Edwin Uhara2015: IMO YOUTHS STILL FOR POLITICAL SLAVERY? 1 NATHAN PROTUS UZORMAGovernor Amaechi’s N1.406B Ebola fund 1 Odimegwu OnwumereA Step Towards Victory 1 Femi Fani-KayodeGov. Fayose's Official Old Mercedes Car Is True Reflection That Nigeria Is Truly 100 Years Backward 1 Lere OlayinkaImo 2015:What Right-Based Agenda From PDP? 1 Emmanuel OnwubikoGovernor Amaechi’s N1.406B Ebola fund 1 Odimegwu OnwumereNigerian youths should decide the President of Nigeria in 2015 1 Muhammad AjahLooking for Nigeria's Sesame Street 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauTHE IDEOLOGY BEHIND THE GROUP "ANALYTICAL MINDS". 1 Tosin AkindeleLessons from Ife 1 Ayokunle AdeleyeWeapons Of Mass Deception In The Church (Part 2) 1 Rufus Kayode OteniyaWMD: Weapons Of Mass Destruction/Deception In The Church (Part 1)) 1 Rufus Kayode OteniyaGod Loves Nigeria 1 Femi Fani-KayodeRivers PDP And The Fight In Abuja 1 Odimegwu OnwumereEbonyi PDP Boils Over Elechi’s Adoption Of Onyebuchi 1 Muhammad AjahGovernor Amaechi’s Incapability To Enforce Ban On Street Hawking 1 Odimegwu OnwumereLet’s Think & Talk With Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete: Rented Crowds: The Fallacy Of Democracy 1 Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete, Esq.Reps-Prescribed Life Pension And Its Inherent Crassness 1 Ugochukwu UgwuanyiIdriss Deby: The President For Boko Haram 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Okey Eze And His Apparent Desperation In Imo APGA 1 Iwuala EmperorThe PDP Performance Media Tour In Abia 1 Eddie OnuzuruikeGovernor Amaechi’s Incapability To Enforce Ban On Street Hawking 1 Odimegwu OnwumereAmaechi: The Man, His Feats, ‘Sins’ And Tribulations: An Insider’s Account 1 Chukwuemeka EzeMr.Peter Obi´s Defection to PDP; a Show of Shame to Ndi-Igbo 1 Adams Kennedy ChidiNigerians Reject Ceasefire With Boko Haram Terrorists; Use The $1bn For War, not #Election2015: #VictoryForNigeria 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.Between Ebola And The Tyranny Of Western Stooge Sirleaf 1 Perry Brimah, Dr.TO MR. TEMITOPE B. JOSHUA OF SYNAGOGUE, NIGERIA AND ME IN CHICAGO: LET’S MEET AT CARMEL SO THE TRUE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WILL PROVE HIMSELF 1 The Christian Walk Experts Explain That Germs Cause Pneumonia, Not Cold 1 Odimegwu OnwumereHANDLING PARTIES AND FESTIVITIES.....A SECURITY PERSPECTIVE. 1 Tosin AkindeleMISUNDERSTANDING, THE BANE OF COMMUNICATION. DOES YOUR AUDIENCE HEAR YOU RIGHT? 1 Tosin AkindeleA REGIME OF SUPERSTITION....BORNE OUT OF FEAR! 1 Tosin AkindeleFELABRATION! / Tosin Akindele Isoko musicians are the poorest in Nigeria-Evang Odanibe 1 GODDAY ODIDIThe Short Story of Samuel and Saul 1 Ikechukwu EnyiaguThe Nyakoic-Fintirism 1 Muhammad AjahExperts Explain That Germs Cause Pneumonia, Not Cold 1 Odimegwu OnwumereNigeria: The Cost Of Boko Haram War: The Conquered Territory 1 Prince Charles Dickson, Jos PlateauAre Nigerian Pastors Heavenly Conscious? 1 GODDAY ODIDIOur Values, Our Children’s Future 1 Emeka AsinugoThe Short Story Of Samuel And Saul 1 Ikechukwu Enyiagu